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  1. I was wondering if anybody has sent their dog to a trainer before or currently? and how long has it normally take to get the dog back?

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  2. depends where and what for? theres basic ob., force fetch, and all kinds of advanced stuff........

    sent mine for a month to get basic ob., and force fetch......

  3. We were thinking of doing the same. At what age do you do this? Basic ob. Our pup is going on 8 weeks old.
  4. Yes,
    I have sent my dog to doggy boot camp before the season, Jim does one I think, gets the dog ready for season.

    Fowlme it all depends on what you want to be accomplished, if you want basic training introduction to birds, introduction to gun fire ect... That could probably be accomplished in a month. Force Fetch could take longer it all depends on the dog. You should definitely talk to a pro, they are usually willing to answer questions.

    NorthBound you should be doing basic obedience stuff (sit, stay, heal, whistle sit, puppy marks, check cord work etc..) right now with your puppy, you can accomplish a lot training 10-15 minutes a day. Get a good book smart works, gun dog, 10 minute retriever or video fowl dog I,II,III. Kennels should not let you bring you dog until they have all their shots including bordatella (sp). Force Fetch and Collar Conditioning won't or I guess shouldn't be done until the pup is 85%-%100 solid with basic obedience (needs to know what is being asking of it) and the puppy has it's adult teeth in, by the way stop doing retrieves when the puppy starts losing baby teeth don't want it to associate pain with retrieving.
  5. DiversWelcome:
    Thank you for the info. The day we got her we went out and bought a book called Water Dog. Are those books or videos you mentioned about the same as i bought? I am new to all of this so i am sure i will be posting more questions in the future. As of now we have been working with her on sit,down,come for a little over a week. She does all those great especially once she figured out she could get a treat. Also she just started to bring her bumper back this week and does it about 75% of the time. I figured this weekend i would start with the whistle. Thanks again.
  6. Water Dog is considered out of date and there is better material out there from what I hear. You can still pick some stuff up from it and it will help you some. I bought Game dog and I couldn't get my dog to where I wanted him using it. I went out and bought Mike Lardy's stuff. I've heard really good things about Smartworks that DW mentioned. I'll warn you the higher end training material can get expensive (IMO).

    It's also a good idea to decide how far you want to go with your dog. Do you want a meat dog, or Hunt Test dog that hunts, etc.

    I've used a trainer for all the hard stuff like Force Fetching, TT, and cold blinds which is a lot. :)
  7. Thanks. I will look into those. Really all i am looking for is a very well trained meat dog. I have no intentions of doing any Hunt Tests.
  8. After talking with a number of dog trainers in the area I decided on taking my dog to Colonial Farms in Chelsea, there you start you dog off at 4 months old and at 6 months you are gun breaking them. Bill teaches you the handler on what to do and how to do it. You don't leave your dog with him and in the long run you get more sanctification out of it. Not to mention the cost is nearly half compared to leaving your dog some where. So far I have been very satisfied with Bill and his wife Vicki.
  9. Thanks for the info, the main reason I asked this question was, I sent my pup to a trainer that trained a friend of mine's dog which was gun shy and would not go in the water. he got back a dog that loves to hunt with no fears at all, I can not get a straight answer how long he had the dog my guess is 3 months. I took my pup which was not gun shy, loved the water, and was retreiving dead ducks ok. he has had him for 2 months, he is doing basic obedieance, force fetch, collar conditioning, marks water and land, and retreiving live birds. I did not request any one thing but this is what he does with all the dogs he gets. I went to work with my puppy and somes things he is doing better and somes things I did not see much improvement from what I had him doing. maybe I am expecting more to fast I don't know. most important, I miss my little buddy.:lol:

  10. I don't know a lot, but it sounds like a lot has been accomplished for 2 months. Most of the guys I know that do force fetching say it takes how long it takes and that is usually 4 to 8 weeks. Sounds like you dog is doing well. My dog is at the trainers too and I miss him like h3ll! I call and bug the trainer weekly for updates. :)
  11. A pro should be asking what your goals are for the dog. The pro will then put the dog into his program and progress is dependent on just how fast the dog can absorb the training.

    FF will take a month or so up to a couple of months depending on the dog. The dog will NOT, or should not get retrieves during this phase.

    Obedience is another month or so including collar conditioning, but marks are given during that time period.

    Handling is anybody's guess because it's not natural for the dog and everything has to be taught to the dog in progression.

    Personally, I wouldn't expect to see the dog back before 3 months.
  12. I have recently went through this with my dog. My dog would retrieve but would play circle the wagon and not want to bring the bumper back to me. It was frustrating. I enlisted a trainer and holy cow what a different dog.

    The trainer sat down with me and asked me about my goals for the dog and where I wanted him to be. Now he started with basic obedience, FF and went out to water retrieves and also trained him in a field blind. I dropped him off at the beginning of April and I got hime back the second week of July. Is he a field champion? Not by a long shot but he is functional and is 100% better.

    Here is my advice and what I have learned with my experience. If you drop your dog off to the trainer and pick it up months later you might as well flush your money down the toilet. What I mean is I learned just as much if not more than my dog. I was doing things incorrectly and not helping my dog positively, to achieve my goals for him. I should have been in the kennel next to him. My trainer encouraged me to come once a week to work with the dog. This way I could see my dog, cause I missed him dearly, and it allowed me to track his progress and see the process all the way through. This allows me to see what the trainer was doing and he showed me how to correct my dog so he did it correctly. Now I don't know if my trainer was an exception but he did a great job. That would be my piece of advice is be involved the most you can.

    A previous person would take his dog and that is the best option but if you do drop your dog off stay involved.
  13. I have been calling the trainer every 2 weeks for updates and get the same answer (things are going good) and wanting to go as much as I can but that has not happened as much as I would like, it seems to me that his people skills are not great but from what i have heard that his dog skills are. he has told me that before I can take my pup home that I will have to work other dogs and he will show me what I need to know, then work my dog. It sounds like things are going the way they are suppose to, thanks for the info now I dont feel Iam getting the run around

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