Does smoking spook deer?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by kwcharne, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. I post this question because I have a friend who smokes in his ground blind all the time, as does his dad and uncles, and they all get deer every year. Now I would think the smell would keep deer away, but he says that he has had to put out his cigarette multiple times to grab his gun and shoot. The deer are all relatively close when he shoots them, the blind that the family hunts out of is in a heavily dense area, so most shots are within 30yds. They have ash trays in the blind! I would think that the smell would keep deer far away. Does anyone else smoke when they hunt and still have success? Or know anyone that does?


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  2. I used to smoke all the time, even bow hunting I would put my Cigarette out to grab my bow. I have recently stopped because anything I shot was smaller bucks, or does. I have tried this year to really get serious and hope to shoot a big buck, so I have gotten into the Sent control. To the question though, Yes I have shot many deer while smoking, my dad also has done the same. I have never understood it, Its all in the wind, and where the deer come from. LUCK is also a big factor

  3. Yea I would say luck is a huge factor, I am sure the deer associate smoking w/ humans. One opening day when I was 18-19, I was smoking in a stand. At about 11:00 or so once I thought I wouldn't see any deer any time soon. I had a decent buck come in and see my smoke I never could get turned to shoot at it cause it was locked on me. I wouldn't expect a deer to ever come in from downwind while someone is smoking.
  4. Plays no role IMO. Deer have no clue.
  5. When I used to smoke about 13 years ago I shot plenty of deer while smoking but only when the wind was in my favor for that stand.
  6. Only the non-smoking deer....
  7. ..."I am sure the deer associate smoking w/ humans." You ARE joking, right? You honestly believe that deer know what smoking is? You honestly believe that deer can actually reason that the smoke produced while a HUMAN is smoking means danger? FROM A HUMAN, WHO HAPPENS TO BE HUNTING DEER? If you honestly believe that, then to me that is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard.
  8. I am not gonna say that you will never shoot a deer while smoking, but my #1 rule is to stay as scent-FREE as possible. Some say that the smoke makes deer curious, and others say it spooks them, I say, I can wait till I change out of my hunting clothes, and get back in the truck before having a smoke.
  9. The only reason they spook with the smoke is because they know about second hand smoke? Since they can associate the smoke w/humans?? Who knows they are a smart animal!
  10. i actualy was wondering the same thing lol my step dads friend smokes but when he hunts he doesent smoke at all till the end of the hunt. imo i think it would spook dear but from reading some of the other smokers posts it makes me wonder. i actualy had thought about trying to quit before firearm season started and/or just not smoking on the hunt at all, i myself wouldent want to throw ANY chances down the drain
  11. one things for sure, not smoking don't spook deer. try not to fart either
  12. I've had plenty of deer come in from down wind even loaded down with deep woods off. I think if they are used to a human smell in the area they don't even think twice about it. However, the older warier ones that aren't used to the different smell it might effect them and they may use caution. Each deer is different and they don't all think the same.
  13. If the deer are downwind of me and I eat my spicy foods that I'm used to I may actually kill one with my fart:yikes::lol::evilsmile. Hey, when is "Fart season":p:lol:
  14. well, there's good farts, and bad farts. a good fart has alot of fibre behind it, like a popcorn fart, it may be dry, yes, but deer would smell the corn
    in the fart, and possibly come in for a shot.
    on the other hand, an egg fart would repell your loving mother!
    the way i see it, men gotta fart, but you can do something to control your fart smell. if you gotta have nicotine, try a dip of copenhagen, the patch,
    or nic gum. to control farts, put some baking soda in your mountain dew,
    your farts won't be gone, but the deer will love them.
  15. The answer weighs heavily on the circumstances. Wind is is big factor, along with the area you are hunting. Near the city, deer will tolerate foreign odors much more than big woods deer. Older deer will take more caution to strange smells than younger deer.

    I believe the act of smoking isnt as harmful as the residue it leaves on your camo. The smoke will blow away, but your hunting clothes will still stink. As you walk to and from your stand, you will be leaving an odor trail and the deer can simply avoid these areas. Its no different to have smoke smell on your clothes than it is coffee,gasoline or sweat. None of these are natural smeels to a deer and it alerts them that something is different.

    Another point to make is, where there's smoke, there's fire. Fire is a natural danger to all the animals in the woods. When is the last time you saw a deer come in to the sweet smell of a campfire?

    Smoke might not spook them EVERY time, but the same could be said about any other foreign smell or sound. Is it worth the risk to put some of the odds in the deer's favor? Not to me!

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