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Discussion in 'Questions about MI Hunting/Fishing Law' started by jnracing, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. i have a question i was drawn for a doe tag and i see you can purchase two tags a day for doe so if i was drawn can i buy two or one and one when left overs are available

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  2. My understanding is that you can buy the tag you are eligible for from the drawing, then after Sept 10 you can buy as many as 2 a day of the leftover licenses. If I'm wrong, I have some more tags to buy before Sept 10.

  3. ok cause i was wanting to know cause if i go in today and buy my tag and find out i can buy both ill be mighty poed at myself

  4. And don't forget your squirrel tags - remember - bucks only this year -new rule!
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  6. i applied for my doe permit and there are leftovers also.. do i HAVE to buy the one i applied for before the 10th or can i buy it anytime during the year and its guranteed to be there:confused:
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    You can purchase it anytime.... It is set aside for your ID/ DL #.
  8. How do I get notified that I drew a tag? I'm thinking I'm hosed because I have not heard anything. :mad:
  9. To save money the DNR did not send out the 3x5 card this year. You can go to and go to drawing results. Type in your id number ( drivers license number) and it will give you the results of your drawing.
  10. Does anyone read the hunting guides anymore????????


  11. Why when all the info can be found on this site.:lol:
  12. We had a discussion about this a while back. Everybody takes a book home but I think about 1 in 10 can actually comprehend it.

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