Dish Network users, no Lions on Fox...Alternative(s)?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by jimp, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Posting here instead of the Lions forum, more viewers likely.

    Looks like no Lions game on Dish Network / local broadcast stations up here are blocked, another friggin contract dispute with the local thugs wanting something like a 500% increase in the fee per Dish user...for free over the air broadcast stations...:rant:

    I can't get local Fox ch 32/33 nor CBS ch 9/10 on a regular broadcast digital antenna and converter.
    Radio station in Traverse is pitiful here in Wellston also.

    So, is there an alternative station on Dish northwest or even free on the web? Radio or TV will do. (No "Smartphone" before that suggestion pops in).

    Anybody here good at posting play by play if they get prior written permission from the Detroit Lions and the NFL...:D

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  2. Sorry to hear that Jim, sounds like you'll have to go over to Jackies for the remainder of the games.:idea:

  3. How about using an antenna?
  4. I think you're better off finding an alternative to the LIONS as opposed to your TV provider. :lol:

  5. :lol:, If they are on Dish they're screwed also.
    Direct TV subscribers are OK still...

    I prefer at home where I can have an occasional smoke with my beer :lol:
  6. Could always disconnect the dish tomorrow and put a box on it for the game on whatever tv ya choose... Just an option
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  7. Non existent or very weak broadcast signals here amongst the trees, that's the problem, requiring a satellite.
  8. Point an antenna towards Harrietta, I think thats where the transmitter is for fox.
  9. We have a cabin not too far from Wellston. Fox is one of the 2 channels that comes in strongest for us. You might need a different/better antenna.
  10. Fox and CBS are the only two channels that come in real clear at our place in wellston.

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  11. I can't even find the game down here on charter cable...unless they play at 4 again??

    Jimp, where are you located in wellston, our cabin isn't to far from there in between Dublin and Irons.
  12. Yep, it's in Oakland so it's the 4:00 game.
  13. Forgot about that one...I use it for the "Miley Cyrus" concerts if you get the drift.
    Did watch the game, stutters on DSL but worth it in the last 3 minutes!!!
    What a comeback after all the bonehead penalties again, and a timely sack to kill some clock.

    I'm off Bosschem Rd, 1/2 mile S of M55
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