Deer tracking dogs!

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Shift7609, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Does anybody know Any around Macomb st Clair county I do not need one right now but always good to have stored in phone what is approx cost thanks everyone.

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  2. Robert miller
    He lives in flint and made the drive out to Calhoun county at the drop of a hat for me I'm sure he would be more than happy to go to macomb. Him and his dog are great trackers his dog sypris ? Sorry if I misspelled it has a amazing nose. I would recommend him to anyone if you ever come to the end of a blood trail when looking for that trophy a dog can be a huge asset.
  3. I have a Catahoula that I am training to track. Just getting into it, but she has locked right onto my training lines, if you need a hand I would be more than happy to come out and help, even interested if you put one down and can find it without a dog just for the experience. Looking forward to getting her out there on some actual tracks, the experience will be payment enough, I'll even help field dress/ drag. I live in the Marysville area, pm me if interested.
  4. Rob miller & Sypris (810) 240-4891
    Mike Riepen & Cash (248) 200-9805
    If its dead we will find it!!!!!
    Please do not use a training dog first
    and then call us as a last resort. If you choose to use a dog in training that's is totally ok with us because that's how a dog gets better. Use a dog for training on the deer you as the hunter know its dead. If you are struggling to locate your deer bring in a trained tracking dog first.
  5. Thanks for the replies

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  6. What happened to Gerad and Cloe, thats who came to my property last year. We didn't find the dead deer.
  7. Jared decided to go on his own.

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