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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Pinefarm, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. JJ's in Horton. Has to be one of the best "stick" makers around.

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  2. Deerings market in Travese City, there in the book. Chris Rouse in Bellaire, he is just across from the grass lakes natural area entrance/sign.

  3. I am with you ytlabs I feel the same way. If you do all that hard work preparing for the hunt and you get a chance to actually kill a great Michigan Whitetail do your self a favor and process it your self. You will get alot more meet and you can make sure it is done right. Talk about meet for a second, my fathers and his buddy were up in th U.P. about 8 yrs. ago when his buddy shot two deer in two days this was at the beginning of the week and it was warm, so he had to get it processed. He took it to the local processor and two days later picked it up. The guy gave him two brown grocery bags for two deer. He asked him were is the rest and the guy told that is all you get. That is one of the reasons I do it myself I usually get about a cooler in half of meet. I also enjoy it, what else would I be doing whatching T.V. or working. Since I realy don't whatch to much T.V. and I work my 8 hrs in the morning. I would say butchering a deer is better than both.

  4. HEY Fred Bear?

    I will second that. JJ's does make the best stick going. Can you tell me when they close up for the season? Last year I missed it. I took a fat doe and took some meat in and they were closed for season. I know he goes somewhere for vacation. What are they making now?
  5. In west Saginaw Co,

    Nixon's Processing
    10825 S. Brennan Road
    Brant, MI 48614
    PH 989-585-3635

    They have been doing a Great Job for many years.
  6. They make good sausage - or did 10 years ago.
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  7. Rountree Deer Processing 1-800-563-8344
    Hanover Mi. (Jackson County)

    I've heard good things agout J.J.'s just down the road, but have been taking my grind meat for buger and sausage to Rountree's for a few years and have been very happy with them, so I hate to try else where.

    Their specialty items are
    Venison Sausage sticks full and half sticks
    Venison Hunters sausage (4#bag)
    Venison Polish sausage (5#bag)
    Venison breakfast sausage(5-1 #packs)
    Venison beer bratworst(5#bag)
    Venison hot pepper cheese sticks
    Venison cheddar cheese sticks
    Venison old fasion ring bolona(3 rings)
    Venison jerky 40 % return,(regular,cajun & bbq.)
    Venison hot dogs (5#bag)

    FYI -I am more than happy to help someone out if I can.If anyone bags a deer in the Jackson County,Northern Hillsdale/Lenawee County. or Western Washtenaw County area ,and is unable to get to a processor/cooler right away, I have space in my garage until you are able to do so(just bring a few bags of ice).My in ground garage is connected to my basement and stays very cool with poored cement walls and floor.I also have 2 gamblel/ outside by the garden hose and one in the garage.
    I've been caught in a pinch and its not very fun sawing off the legs and clearing out room in the In-laws :dizzy:chest freezer to make room for that deer while waiting for the processor to open up the next day.Theres nothing worse than being stuck on a never ending blood trail /long drag out under flashlight conditions ,when you finally recover that buck on a warm
    Nov. 15th evening and all the meat lockers have already been closed up for hours.

    Drop me a PM for more info if interested.
  8. HELLO!!!
    Michigan Meat processing
    Escanaba, MI

    Two years in a row, I dropped off my deer at noon on Friday and it was ready to pick up on Sunday!

    Excellent service...friendly also.


  9. I'll second this one!

    Mark does a great job!
  10. How about any in Gaylord area?:confused:
    I'm hunting Pigeon River for the frist time...:evil:
  11. Another vote for JJs- Whenever I tag one in Jackson thats where I go if I can't get it done myself. (high temps.) Fun to look at the pictures too!
  12. Mikes meat processing coloma Mi on north coloma rd

    does a really good job been going to him for years . sends meat for jerky and sticks and salami to BOBS PROCESSING in southhave his salmi is the best in michigan voted like #1 for past few years fror everyhing from salmon smoked to deer salami
    Does not do the processing anymore due to laws (bobs) just jerky and stuff like that
  13. do you have a phone number for mark?
  14. Morley-Stanwood, Howard City, Lakeview area

    G & J Processing & Tackle
    15352 Eisenhower Road
    Howard City, MI 49329
    Owners: Jim & Gloria Haugh
    Competitve prices. Fast & Friendly service!
    Tell them Pam their daughter sent you!
  15. Here's one I won't use; butchering and packaging was acceptable, but their sausage was just plain awful:

    R & B Deer Processing
    451 E. M-71
    Corunna, MI 48817
    989-743-DEER (3337)

    This year, I decided to do it myself. (with a little help from a magazine article and an experienced friend) It was a very enriching experience, and plan to continue to do it this way in the future. Completely done in about four hours, and I know how the meat was handled.

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