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Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Frozenfish, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Does anybody know where I can find a current deer population/density map of Michigan? I've looked online and coundn't find what I was looking for. Found one on a qdma site but didn't have any data. Thanks for any help.

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  2. I think that map is pretty old. Seems I've seen that one for years.
  3. yeah old.. and not all that impressive if you ask me.
  4. Thanks for the link but that is the one I was referring to that I found on the qdma site.

    Nick A. had a similar map. I'm surprised there isn't something out there with the amount of data the DNR must have or claim to have. How do they issue doe tags, that must come from data somewhere...
  5. tommy-n

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    So these deer density maps are about as old as our cwd action plan:dizzy:
  6. The DNR has annual population estimates. To my knowledge, the only time they have published them was during the quota change process in 2005.

  7. Not that it wasn't good enough, I just thought there would be something more...obviously I was wrong.
  8. Wow... why aren't there more in the U.P.? Lack of farmland?
  9. Thank you so much for the post. It's really useful.
  10. Nick is correct, the DNR has not published a county by county estimate since 2005. I believe they will be publishing another one next year unless lack of funding gets in the way. They do publish aggregated annual estimates for each zone. Using those estimates and comparing them to the zone estimates from 2005, you can at least get an idea of what the general population trends are within each zone.

    UP 2005 = 336,000
    UP 2008 = 320,000

    NLP 2005 = 498,000
    NLP 2008 = 610,000

    SLP 2005 = 868,000
    SLP 2008 = 904,000

    Net estimated change = +128,000 deer

    Note that the herd had increased even higher during the two interim years but the population growth trend has eased somewhat since then. We don't have the figures yet for the 2009 estimated population.
  11. Another possible place to look is at last years Deer Harvest Report. There you can easy see the top DMU's for total deer kill and this will also provide the number of hunters per sq. mile. From the top ten DMU's for total harvest, the deer harvest ranges from 12.8 to 22.1 deer killed per sq. mile. The hunter density ranges from 16.4 to 29.5 per sq. mile. As you would expect, the top producing DMU is in Zone 3. It has both the highest deer kill per sq. mile and also the highest success rate for hunters. This DMU also has a good amount of public land and the land is spread out over a number of Townships.

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  12. way to resurrect one from the dead! I got the alert in my e-mail and I was like... errr what? this thread is over a year old already. I do find it interesting however, that the population(s) are up, especially with the winter we had in the UP and NLP. Tough critters aren't they.

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