Deer organ diagram target online?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by Kevin, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Kevin

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    This probably goes in the whitetail forum, but I wanted more people to see it...

    I am looking for a source for 2 things, which I would like to access online (printable hopefully):
    1. Plain broadside target with the vital organs sketched.
    2. Shot placement diagrams for different shot angles from above etc.

    I have bowhunting in mind but the site(s) need not be bowhunting specific, necessarily.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. I purchased a life sized color deer poster (set of 10 I think) a few years ago with the vital areas silhoutted with a greay line. Worked well for me. I got it from:

    I think it was under targets. I got the same think for turkeys. I love them. A little costly but worth it for the initial set up of bow or gun. Then once you know you are hitting vitals and used to where they are in the critter, plain targets are way cheaper to practice consistency on.
  4. Kevin

    Kevin Super Moderator

    That helps guys, thanks!

    I appreciate any others as well.
  5. I hope this helps. I really enjoy the opportunity to help a fellow hunter.


    Doctor::D :D
  6. Kevin

    Kevin Super Moderator

  7. Hey doctor, that's not a real deer organ. That looks like a John Deere organ.
  8. Nothing runs like a deer. :)
  9. LMAO @ Doctor

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