Deer Density Map for Michigan

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Bwana, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. Does this map correspond to your practical/individual experience? I am near Glennie and think this is correct for my area in the National Forest. Just wondering if loal opinion corresponds with official opinion.

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  2. It is accurate for where we hunt in Lapeer county, but it is overstated for Alcona County(Glennie). I believe our deer density here is at an all time low.

  3. I think it's accurate for Washtenaw and Monroe Counties.
  4. I'm in ogamaw county and I don't see the deer they say is on that map!:sad:
  5. Moron


    Hard for me to say, acorn crop seems to effect deer movement alot in my area. Sometimes you won't see them at all until after the acorns are gone or diminished to the point they have to expose themselves to feed.
  6. Looks pretty close for the northern counties.

  7. Cruds, that's where we borrow a cabin for the rifle season. :(
  8. Thanks for the map, Bwana. Nice resource for planning future hunts. Seems to be accurate for the area around our camp in Menominee County.
  9. I agree with Bigmike,I don't think it is accurate for this area.......
  10. I'm in Lake county and have plenty of deer but the rest of the county has very little from what I've heard. It's hard to go by an entire county cause some sections might have more than enough where others won't have any.
  11. True for my area. Wonder why i never see any deer though? We can hunt on about 266 acre's in Ontanogan. Were lucky are neighboring propertys belong to our best of freinds! >>>----------->
  12. I think it is essentially useless. What numeric values are associated with these high/low colors...too broad and sweeping to be an effective tool. For example Wayne County when viewed in it's totality has extremely low density as I wouldn't expect too many deer in Cadillac Square...however in areas that actually might hold deer the density might be high. This is an extreme example I realize....but you get the idea!

    Also I have heard Bob Bender speaking relentlessly about the High Deer density in the TB Zone, but the map doesn't really show that. The density doesn't appear high for DMU 001 and yet they issued 9000 public land doe does the math add up?

    You can do much better by scouting your prospective locality that you intend to hunt. I guarantee you will get a much better feel for the deer population!

    Good Luck BWANA, maybe I'll see you in Glennie if I decide to re-join civilization during the rifle season.
  13. Well if it is correct for Cass co. where I hunt, I would love to hunt in Macosta co. or Mason co.. I think Cass has more then shown. That could be just our area though. The map is an average population per county.
  14. NESportsman, I have hunted in my area for years and am very familiar with my area. I am not familiar with various other areas except from a general sense. I though it would be interesting to see if various guys and girls felt this map is close for their particular areas.

    I hunt in the TB zone of 001. The density of deer is not high. I hope the time is near when the DNR calls offthe "orange Army" and makes peace with the Northeastern L.P. Whitetail.
  15. How do they come up with a dee density?

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