Deer Camp Food!!

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by ahart98745, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. What does every one take for food. Any thing different or just the same old stuff. Just would like to take something different. Any thoughts?

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  2. I think there was a post on this before, but i'll indulge you.

    Globaki (stuffed cabbage)
    Potato Pancakes
    Stew (multi meat)
    our favorite salami stix with apples, crackers, and cheese (lunch)
    COFFEE (lots of it)
    hot cider
    a few beers (only a few a night, i don't like getting drunk at deer camp)
    we'll probably head out to Hillman one night to grab a burger as well.

    IN the blind i eat apple slices and carrots, when baiting was legal i used to munch on a sugar beet (they're actually pretty good!)

  3. Chili
    Beer can chickens
    pasties (these are must when we head up to the U.P.
    summer sausage, cheese, and crackers to snack on
    eggs, bacon, sausage hash browns for breakfast
    stuff for sandwiches for lunch
    If we are up there on a Friday we hit a little restaurant for a fish fry
  4. Nothing spicy. No garlic, onions, hot peppers, etc. Deer can smell it.
  5. Really? I know a guy that got violently ill from chewing on a raw sugar beet. :confused:
  6. Lunches: Hot Itialian Beef w/Aujus, Homemade chicked soup, Chili, Chicken wings (hot), Brats, burgers
    Dinners: Marinated whole beef tenderloin, Steaks, Thick Pork Chops, Turkey (complete with trimmings), Lasagna, Fish Fry, Pork Roats, Pot Roast.
    We don't eat breakfest no onereally is hungry in the mornings.:D
  7. How about the tine foil deals where you put the meat and veggies altogether and cook it on the fire...its good.
  8. yep did that for years with no ill effect! Now i'm wondering if the chili my dad made wasn't the culprit each year! :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  9. Foil pouches are always good and easy to clean. White chili is good with chicken and pumpernickel, a sweet pumpernickel bread.. Tons of crackers and cheese and last years leftover summer sticks if there are any. Omelets are good all day long if filled right, bring salsa to put over them.
  10. Fish fry (perch and walleye)
    Prime rib dinner
    Homemade burgers (with polish seasonings)
    Full breakfast each day
    Snacks for the blind
    Lots of Beer

    It helps to have a good camp cook for all of this stuff, thanks Ray.
  11. We have a grill so Bronto burgers are the most craved item. 1/2 to 3/4 lb pattie along with a fried egg, 2-3 slices of bacon, cheese and fried or slab onions on a toasted bun. Ofcourse there's always Gonella's sub of arrival night.
  12. My wife makes (has already made) a bunch of honest to god pasties! That's the big item I suppose. We also get cinnamon rolls home made bread, jam, farm fresh eggs not those anemic things in stores. Did I mention the pies? Putting on weight just typing this.............yep we eat good.
  13. My wife and I just finished making two large tins of lasagna which includes deer burger and spicy italian sausage. We serve it up with caesar salad and sesame bread stix.

    Another guy made up a big pot of stew last night. And another brings a big pot of chili.

    I'm also taking two huge sticks of venison summer sausage, one with chedder cheese and one mild. We serve it on Ritz crackers, with cheese, a slice of jalapeno and some Ben's Sweet & Hot mustard. It's a fantastic lunch snack and it screams to washed down with an ice cold beer.

    I better go before I start to slobber on myself. :D

    Only three days to Opening-Day-Eve!!!

    Grizzly Hunter
  14. I am making beef/venison burger/sausage meatballs to go for spaghetti on Fri night. One Uncle brings a spiral ham. Im also going to bake some cookies for the munchie runs.
  15. Bacon,eggs,and sausage. Whats deer camp without CHILLI??? Homemade Stew. Jalepeno and cheese venison snack sticks from last years kill. Dont forget the Budweiser to wash it all down.

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