Deer Blinds Near Harrison

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by grizzly, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Traveling North on 27 there is a place on the east side of the highway that manufactures custom deer blinds. Does anyone have any information on them or know the name of the people who make them. Looking for a custom blind to put on a platform. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Grizzly.

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  2. I heard their are some amish that build blinds near Marlette. Aint found em yet. Anyone know where to go?

  3. You can see them from 127 going north or south.
  4. The one Slowpoke is referring to along 127 i believe is Millers and are Amish made.Very nice looking blinds, Bet you wont find them in the yellow pages though :lol: Best thing you can do is stop in there next time by...
  5. All of the Amish around us now have phones along with an answering machine in their workshops/barns or just outside the house in a small shelter. They may be in the phone book. Last week I rented an excavator and a bulldozer from the Amish to put in a couple of small ponds. They also rent and use a bobcat on their farm.

    Have you considered not putting a permanent bind on your platform and instead putting a safety rail/gun rest around the outside and then use a pop-up blind secured with tie-downs ?

    L & O
  6. The amish are on the west side of 27. The place on the east side (just north of the harrison exit) is a custom dock place that has tripod and platform blinds displayed sometimes.

    do you guys think there is market for building blinds in mid michigan?
  8. I think you might be thinking of this place, I was google searching the same today and came across this post. That being said this is the link
  9. That would be the Electric Amish.
  10. Just south of Becks on 127 there is a place that sells blinds also.
  11. I stopped there(HIGH DOLLAR):Protest_e
  12. bucksnbows

    bucksnbows Banned

    I'll get the info on an Amish built blind my father in law had made for him. Very nice and big. Sturdy as can be too. $300

    I'll try to get some contact info this weekend. I know the place was near Mt. Pleasant.
  13. Actually they are Beachy Amish. They accept more technology into their lives than the standard Amish.
    We had the Old Order Amish as neighbors for about 15 years. That community fell apart and they sold out to the Beachy Amish.

    L & O
  14. My family has bought several Amish built blinds south of Mt. Pleasant. About 6-7 miles north of Vestaburg near Ole's Deer Processing. Well built, good value, but more than $300.
    Earlier this summer orders were backed up 2-3 weeks.
    I could get this number if anyone is interested. My understanding is that a neighbor is in business with them and takes calls and will make deliveries.
    This may be a different Amish built blind......several are in the blind building business.

    L & O
  15. Hence- the Electric Amish. Nothing against the Amish, but they make a lot of changes to their beliefs to make money. They also work in factories in Indiana. Even have a place to park their buggy. The American way I guess.

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