Deer and pears?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by grandslam, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Anyone ever baited deer with pears?

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  2. Uh oh. First off let me say I know baiting is illegal at this point in time. I'm just answering a question. I've never baited with them. But I know on our farm up in Hale we have three pear trees planted right next to four apple trees in the yard, and the deer do not touch the apples until all the pears are picked clean off the ground. They seem to love them things.

  3. Baiting is still legal in the UP, and yes, they love pears!
  4. My mistake. I forgot about that. Good luck up there.
  5. Yep, pears! They love them. I have watched them sit there with the drewl running out of both sides of their mouth as they eat them. Only problem in the Up is the blackies love them too. lol
  6. I love pears... bartlett to be specific.
  7. Bear love them and so do I. :)
  8. I used to have a pear tree at my old place. Deer would be in there every night. Never had to pick many out of the yard. Tree only produced fruit every other year though. Is that normal with pears?
  9. I know this is a year old post but..
    I have 3 apple trees in my yard and a pear tree. The deer and other animals leave the apples alone and drag the pears all the yard and crap next it:) My pear tree went crazy this year and the animals are livin the dream. I read a few years back that pears for deer is like humans and ice cream. So if you have a good spot around the stand plant a couple pear trees!
  10. Have a pear tree in my backyard full of them if someone is interested in picking them........

  11. This is really strange. A few years back, just out of curiosity, I put out some pears along with apples. It was probably like 95% apples and 5% pears. The pears were the last to be eaten and then they would eat a few one day and a few the next. And there was not many to start with either. They simply did not like them and went to the apples.
  12. Your deer are snobs.
  13. They sure clean them up from under our trees.
  14. portagelaker

    portagelaker Banned

    My dad has two pear trees. He swears that those darn deer know the exact day that his next pear is going to be ready, and they reach up and eat that one every time. Poor guy can't even get the good ones on his own trees :lol:.

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