Deepest & widest 16' Aluminum boat w/ tiller steering

Discussion in 'Detroit River and Lake Erie' started by sgc, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. What is the deepest & widest 16' aluminum boat with tiller steering? Looking to start fishing again; probably mostly in Trenton channel, Detroit river & lake Erie. Also, some bigger lakes in the North.

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  3. I never heard of tiller steering a 60 hp !
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    A couple weeks ago I drove a 150 HP tiller. And they come bigger.

  5. Believe tillers are up to 200 hp now.......:yikes: That would be a rush...:lol:
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    Wow Mike, even the boat. You really do love the blues. :coolgleam
  7. Hewescraft makes a real nice one called open fisherman that comes in 16 18 and 20 foot, only bad part is the closet dealer is in Indiana but they will deliver to the state line for just a buck.
  8. I had a Princecraft pro168 springbok tiller it had a 84" beam. Was a great boat should never have sold it. I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed with one. I had it on the Sag bay but you had to pick your days.
  9. Not sure if they still make them, but I have a 16' Smoker Craft Pro Tiller. It is deep, wide and most of all Heavy. I've had it in up to 9' waves (not by choice) and it has handled anything I felt like fishing in. I've had it since 1993 and it has held up very well. Might be worth a look....
  10. I was looking at a Allumcraft at Cabela's. A 165 classic & it's a welded hull. I believe the G3 & princecrafts have a rivet hull. Any preference between the 2 hulls. I also owned a 16ft. crestliner fishhawk with light biege carpet. It's a great boat except I would not own another fishing boat with carpet floors. I see more fishing boats are installing vinyle flooring & i like that idea a lot. It could be a little slippery with morning dew.Have any of you guys had experience with the new floors verus carpet?
  11. what is the attraction to the tiller motors? price? space? i see a lot of people use them, but it doesnt seem like it would be very convenient.
  12. I have a strong preference for the Lund WC-16. Basic, tough, exceedingly great performance. I am a big fan of Lunds, I own 2-an A-14 and a Tyee 185. My brother has a WC-16 with a 25 hp Yamaha. I have used it several times and have been really impressed-a really great rig.

    A 25 is plenty on a well built 16 tiller. Small, lightweight and super manueverable. Top end will be around 30. Go much bigger and you will put a lot more$$ into it. Also, with a 16', you can only go so fast over the chop, otherwise you'll beat yourself to death.


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