Dead deer in the woods

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Jac20002, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. So today im walking through the woods,in rose city too find a almost 4 point his 2 points,were starting to split neways figured someone just couldnt find,it it was a few days and stiff then I look up too see a fresh built wooden treestand grrr I was soo ticked,off theres no way u lose a deer,10 feet from your stand

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  2. easy to assume it came from that particular stand. not that it matters but could you tell where the deer had been hit? you know the saying; if youve never lost a deer, you havent hunted long enough. It happens and i would say that 99% of hunters are sick to their stomach knowing that they were unable to find their deer. too many varialbles to take under consideration as to why that particular deer wasnt found. don't let it ruin your hunting, keep pluggin away!

  3. You do have a point as,would I be sick loseing a deer I tryed to view for the shot hole but couldnt visibly see one as,i assslumed it was,on the,laying side

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  4. I also found a 4pt this weekend...on my property. I didn't shoot it! I have trail cam pics of it from late september, but nothing since. I am guessing somebody made a bad shot early bow season. He was just down to bones with hair all over the place. Should make a cool little euro mount.
  5. I found a big beautiful 8 point on state land -- also several days dead. I have to imagine he ran a lot farther than the shooter was willing or able to search, because you couldn't miss that animal from 100 yards away. Talk about a shame... I bet someone was just SICK over that guy...

  6. It's quite possible that deer was not shot from that blind, but from somewhere else and ran to that spot while no one was there.

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