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Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by blittle913, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Good? Bad? Great? Im just looking for a little information on dartons. I know that they arnt really advertised much and not many people shoot them. If anyone has any input that would great. Thanks in advance.

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  2. Darton has always been a solid choice.
    This years Pro 3000 is like no other bow they've ever had though IMO.

    I was blown away by the draw cycle compared to speed.
    Extremely smooth, very fast and really quiet.

    I was surprised and very impressed.

  3. Customer service is 2nd to NONE. Great bows for sure. If they ever spent some $$ marketing their products they'd be mentioned in the same sentence as Hoyt, Mathews, and Bowtech.
  4. I had one of the first Darton compound bows for 20 years. It was the WX600 model. Wood laminated riser and glass limbs. No frills, eccentric wheels, not very fast, but it was smooth drawing and quiet. 58 # peak weight. It is now in the hands of my best hunting partner, my son, who loves it. Many a deer fell to that old Darton.
  5. they cant be that bad if the other big companies are paying to use their cams! my roommate swears by them and wont shoot anything but them... he's just like those mathews lovers... except not so foolish ;) hahah jk guys!
  6. First bow was a darton usa I just out grew it.Bought my 2nd darton inpulse new no problems.Darton manufacturing is here in michigan just outside of yale or fort grait.When I buy another bow I would look at Darton again.
  7. DARTON Archery is In HALE, Michigan..... just down the road a little way from my House.

  8. My first bow was a viper loved it took many of deer with that bow darton is a good choice i would shoot it but i got a martin .
  9. I had a Darton viper also. It was a good bow. I didnt buy another Darton because none of the shops I buy from carry them. Its like Darton fell off the map. You would think being a Mich company you would see all kinds of them in their home state. I bought another brand that my local shop sells. It doesnt set well with me that not many Mich dealers carry them. It tells me theres issues with somebody and makes me question how good of service you would get if you had a problem. I would hate to have to go direct to the factory every time. I think its a good product but bad PR and dealer/customer service.
  10. I bought a used darton from my uncle and have shot a lot of deer with that bow... you just point the bow in the direction and it gets them :lol:

    ok maybe its not quiet that easy but i love that bow, the handle fits my hand very well! and makes it a lot of fun to shoot.

    I never deal with their costumer service but my uncle loves it, and has never said anything bad about them and that is the only bow he has shot for the last few years and he also owns a few of them... ya know you have to have a backup bow...

    so all in all great company and great bows
  11. Darton makes a very nice bow. They don't advertise nationally, much like a few other bow makers out there.

    These days, there just isn't any junk on the market. Just about everything out there is a good choice. I've shot Darton since 79. Currently shooting a Darton Maverick.

    Their bows are not known for being real quiet.....but they are very dependable and like has been mentioned, the customer service is second to none.

    Try out some of their bows...you'll likely be VERY impressed.
  12. really? my bow is even a little older model and it is really quiet.... i put on the limb savers and stuff though... but it seems to be a lot quieter than most of my friends because they have comented on it... and turns out a few of the deer i missed actually fell to the second arrow instead of the 1st :eek:... ya know i just liked giving them a warning shot 1st :lol: but so far that bow has got every deer it has shot at... just not on the 1st shot.... and no none of the 1st shots hit the deer
  13. I shoot a Darton Darton Maverick it is a very good bow ,would consider Darton when I buy a new bow .Bud
  14. they say to shoot a heavier arrows ,but back to darton lets face it mathews, hoyta,bowtech, paid to get their,? darton get paid by two of the bow companys the shops in michigan sold a lot of them in the 70,80,and the being of the 90, but when mathews come out it hurt darton they were coming out with their new cam but had to wait , we they did it was to late mathews took the market . and hoyta stold the cam and darton has been fighten with ever bow company out their and now its their turn . I rember when AllPro was open and alot of bowhunters would come in and look at the dartons , dont forget darton had the fasts bow on the market with the m60 ,and dont forget the lighting won the speed wars back in the 80s . dartons custmors serves is one of the best i had a problem with my bow i was up by darton and went in their they looked at my bow and told me to go get lunch and the would be done and problem was my limb had a crack in it ,i came back and i had a new set of limbs and new strings and cables on it now you tell me witch bow company would do that. And lets dont look at witch bowhunter on tv shooting all bows are good its witch one feels good to you let get past the market and all the bull **** and lets just shoot life is good watching the sun rise on openind day .
  15. That is just to cool! I had a Darton 600WXR - wood risers, laminated wood limbs; one of the prettiest bows you will ever see! I also took many deer with this bow... My oldest son now uses this bow to shoot and hunt with as well.
    I have always used Dartons. I started with the SL-50, and now use the Cyclone I purchased in 1998. I honesty have never been disappointed with performance or service.

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