Cyst on deer?

Discussion in 'Wildlife Diseases' started by lwingwatcher, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. We have had this big doe running around all year...easy to spot due to her color (really light) and the football sized growth protruding from her brisket.

    It is weird, it flops all around. Some have joked about aiming for the growth to see if it is a cyst and would pop.

    Has anybody ever heard of such a thing?

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  2. Yes and have seen lots of pictures of them. I'm thinking there is one on the Iowa forum. Sorry, I don't have a link to that but someone else might have it.

    I've heard it is nothing to worry about but it surely seems that it would be awfully uncomfortable for the deer.

  3. Well, this is a first...I didn't even know that there was a wildlife disease forum which was deemed the appropriate place for my question.

    Guess it must be some "disease" I have never heard of and prolly not going to get much feed back on due to a limited number of views.

    Oh well....
  4. I've seen a similar growth on a doe. She jiggled as she walked ..sort like a woman not wearing...well, you get the picture.

    Years after I had seen this doe I saw a Q&A in one of the deer hunting magazines that addressed the issue. And from what I recall, the 'expert' who answered the question indicated that it is not an uncommon occurrence.
  5. A few years ago my brother shot at a nice 8 point with his bow and hit it high. A number of months later, I saw the deer (rack still intact) on April 1st with what looked like half of a basketball under the hide. Didn't seem to effect the deer too much either. It may very well be an old wound from either a broadhead, automobile hit, etc. The protrusion may just be a fluid sack that the deer will absorb over time.
  6. Sometimes deer develop a "hydrocyst" after some type of blunt trauma, it is an accumulation of fluid in the brisket area or perhaps hindquarters, under the skin. Here's a link from the MDNR Wildlife Disease Manual, hydrocyst information page, there are some really nice photos included. click here
  7. Wow Kristie...thanks!!!

    While not nearly as large as that in the pics, it looks to me like exactly what that doe was dealing with. She gets around quite well but...all that bouncing has to be a nuisance to deal with.

    Do you happen to know if that cyst would have also had anything to do with the unusually light coloration of the doe we have been seeing?
  8. It would be difficult to make a judgement regarding hair color without seeing this doe. Is the light color all over the body? Does it occur in a certain season, or year round? Is it blotchy, or just look like faded regular deer color?
    There are variations in deer color as with any animal. Abnormal color can be genetic variation, and is rare in white-tailed deer. There is a slightly higher percentage of deer reported in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan that have some type of color variation than the Lower. Where is the deer from??
  9. Gratiot County.

    The doe is not blotchy, pretty much a solid really light color...the difference is so much that you can spot her in a crowd from a considerable distance depending on lighting. And see the cyst bouncing along.

    I don't want to say blond but...really, really light and looking nothing like every other deer (or slight variation thereof) around here.

    Gosh, I guess I should have taken pics when we were seeing her in October and November...I dunno for sure where she is now that it is getting later in the year.

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