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  1. I have a CVA Otima Pro. in .45 caliber. I have been shooting 100gr 777 pellets with Power belt 225gr bullets. I have shot 3 deer and have not been impressed with the overall performance. I was thinking of changing to 150grm 777. I have now heard rumor of numerous barrel and or breach pug explosions and or failures. Has anyone here heard of the same?:yikes:

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  2. Use the search tool on the site for powerbelts, there have been a number of dissatisfied members on their performance if I recall.

  3. In Outdoor Life, Aug, 2006, there was an article "Long Range Muzzleloaders". They covered two guns one of which was the CVA .45 Optima Elite. I'm not sure how different that is from your model. Chad Schearer, CVA's director of media relations, used 150 grains of Pyrodex (3 50 gr pellets), 777 Winchester primer and a 275 gr Power Belt Aerotip bullet. He shoots very well over 200 yds.

    I kept this article out as I was thinking about getting this setup.
  4. The only difference to the Elite and mine is the Elite allows you to change barrels. I am more concerned over the alleged barrel and breach plug issue as I would be required to move up the magnum charge. I guess I could just change bullets.
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  5. Yes, I've heard of this. CVA's barrels are made in Spain, I believe. They did have some issues with some bad steel a while back but my understanding is that there was a recall and it's no longer a problem. I've used a CVA Plainshunter .50 cal for years with no issues (and killed several deer with it).

    Sorry for the sketchy info; I sure you can learn more about this by searching this or other firearms sites or maybe on CVA's website. Good Luck...
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    You shot or killed 3 deer ?? What is the problem with the performance ? I would first swich to another bullet.
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  7. I have killed 3 deer the trouble I had to chase 2 of them a considerable distance with having shot them in the kill ring each time. the damage was minimal and the bullet never passed thru.
    Thanks for the infor I will check othe threads and web sites.
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  8. As for jumping up to a 150gr. load?
    I would contact CVA directly on their site and pose the question.
    Give them your gun info including the serial #.
    They should be able to answer wether your gun barrel is good for a 150gr load.
    As for the powerbelts?
    Out of the 3 i recovered out of deer, not one expanded. You might as well be shooting a stainless steel ball bearing.
    Try shooting a few different brands thru it. I have had great luck with Barnes in my .50 Optima Elite and also with Hornady's in a .45 Optima Elite and they both have penetrated, expanded and done their job.
    Both guns are reliable out to 200yd's using 100gr of 777.
  9. :yeahthat:
    A friend was using (key words - was using) .45 Powerbelts on deer. Simply put, they expanded too much and lacked penetration. I'd go to a heavier, more conventional type bullet. Light bullets simply fall on their face over a distance. A heavy bullet will penetrate more.
  10. What bullets would you guys recommend for this gun. I'd be a little reluctant to change since this is the recommended CVA load.
  11. I am shooting 100 grs pyrodex pellets with barnes expander mx 245gr awesome performance in my cva.
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    Steve, did you buy the .45 or the .50 cal ?
  13. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I 2 have a CVA and love it, the only prob is that the bullet expanded to fast. Just switch bullet, or keep the speed down.
  14. I have just ordered a .50 Cal CVA Acura muzzleloader and wanted to know what is the best bullet, size and type to use with this gun.

  15. What, bad bullet perfomance from a powerbelt????:lol::lol::lol: Par for the course! Of course CVA recommends them, they also sell them.:rant: Hornady xtp's, hornady sst/ml, barnes expanderz, barnes mxz, and any other bullet under the sun besides those pieces of shi% will make you happy out of that gun.
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