Cutting wood on federal land?

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  1. Hey guys I got a question that I'm not sure where to find the answer to, I am getting back in to hunting this year and I'll be using a wall tent and a wood stove, my question is can I cut up dead\fallen tress with out getting in trouble with the CO? Or should I bring all my heating wood in with me?


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  2. My best guess is that you are required to have a permit to cut and collect dead wood on federal land. Call the Regional DNR office and you might find they handle the wood cutting permits for the Federal lands. If not, they will tell you where to get the permit.

    Transporting firewood is not encouraged because of the Ash borer and other invasive species but not illegal if you stay in the LP. You cannot transport firewood to the UP from the LP.

    I used to tent camp in the UP and we went through a lot of wood in a week during rifle season. If you are going in October, you would probably not use as much wood.

    We hunted private Commercial Forest land and I would contact the land owner each year for permission to camp and they required I sign a liability waiver. Among other things, the waiver gave us permission to cut and collect dead wood but not live trees.

  3. For federal land permits you will need to purchase a fuelwood permit from the local USFS Ranger Station. That allows you to cut and remove dead standing and dead down.
    State land, you have to go to the local DNR Field Office and purchase a fuelwood permit, that permit is for dead and down.
    Separate permits issued by different agencies depending on whether you're on federal or state land.
  4. You are correct in stating that transporting firewood is not encouraged and also that you cannot transport firewood from the LP to the UP.

    In addition, I believe that the Lower Penninsula is also broken into two seperate zones and you cannot transport firewood from one zone into the other within the LP. I got all my info from the DNR website last year and also confirmed it with them in person.

    As far as cutting wood on State/Federal land.... they told me that I would need to purchase a wood fuel permit to do so just as someone else has also stated.
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  5. Thanks guys I will have to stop in and see if I can get that permit.

  6. The federal land cutting permits run 25.00,allow you to cut 5 full cords of wood......standing or laying dead,but have a time deadline.I do believe,tho,that you dont need a permit for taking wood for immediate consumption.In either case,there are rules about this that you should be aware of the main ones being that you cant cut anything that has any signs of life left in it.
  7. Even just one little green leaf means you can't cut it. Keep this in mind zugbug101, even a dead and barkless tree standing for 3 years will still have a lot of moisture in it. If you plan on cutting wood on the spot and same time you pitch your tent, all the standing dead stuff won't burn. You might get wood dry enough to burn from the top 15-20% of the tree, other than that, the rest will still have too much water in it.

    If you can find dead stuff on the ground, thats your best bet for wood dry enough to burn.
    OR, you can start cutting now and split it so its dry enough to burn when hunting season rolls around.
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