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  1. I am wondering what furs of Coyote, Red Fox, Mink, Muskrat, Raccoon, Opposum, and Skunk are going for this season. I heard coons are going for like 20 bucks is this true.Thats all and thanks for responding people who are gonna respond.

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  2. these are my last year averages.
    yote $14
    coon $18
    red fox $30(only had one to sell)
    male mink $12

    as for this year its anybodys guess but i expect the same or a bit lower.

  3. plan on the prices to be lower than last year.
  4. With the global ecomony the in the condition it is in I wouldnt expect record prices any time soon.
  5. Are these prices already skinned and tanned or are they the whole animal dropped off dead. I never done anything with furs but I have considered getting a coon dog and giving it a go.
  6. the prices i listed are for fleshed and dried furs.
  7. good lord! i went to an art festival in farminton hills, and they were selling coyote pelts for ~$60! and i have to admit, a few of them had slice holes in its suprising what they can go for in the right area.
  8. Any one know what the fur prices are at now?
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  9. Beaverhunter2 gave a recap of the last MTPCA sale on the general trapping forum two days ago.

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  10. Sold (Jan. 14) 9 coons in the green, got average $7 for the ( 5 large,
    4 Medium)
    1 yote $16
    1 mink $14
    2 opposums $.50 a piece
    1 squirell $.25

    I sold them all in the green, (skinned, not fleshed) and the guy i sell to was talking about how the raccoon market is way down this year, but the muskrat market is booming.
  11. Question about that (green) furs. Are you freezing them after skinning them? And do I need to find a certain buyer for green? Don't mean to rob a thread just was reading and saw the green fur statement.
  12. You probably need to check with the fur buyer on that. Make sure they buy green fur and if so HOW do they want it frozen. I read on here some like them rolled up and others want them frozen flat.
  13. Roll the fur fur out ,start at tail and roll to nose so when you go to sell them you hang the nose on a nail and they will unroll as they unfreeze so the buyer can see the fur.

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