Crystal Lake, Benzie Co

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Brian S, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. I'll be heading up to the Frankfort area in a couple weeks and was thinking of trying Crystal Lake for some trout. Where is the public access to that lake? Also, what would be the best lures for the trout? I have dipsy divers/slide divers and snap weights but don't know what to put on the end as far as lures go.
  2. The best launch is right in the town of Beulah. It can be a little tricky if the wind is blowing. Other than that, there are a few road ends that can be used, if you have a smaller boat. The road ends that I can think of are, Lobb Rd, which is nice as you are right near where the lake trout usually are. Lobb road is off M115 about 2-3 miles east of Frankfort. Also, as another option, you could troll the harbor of Frankfort and probably get a brown or two. If you fish Frankfort, troll with spoons down about 18-20 feet, or run body baits on longer lines if you have marginal boat traffic.

    As for Lakers in Crystal, most people use Cowbells, but I would think about anything that works for lakers anywhere will work in there. Good Luck, P.S., If you can't find trout you can probably find some perch.

  3. Thanks toto!

    I've driven past Crystal lake several times but couldn't recall seeing a boat launch. I'll check out that Lobb Rd.

    Weather permitting, I plan on trying Frankfort also. I only have a 14 ft Starcraft but I don't have a problem going a mile or two out when the weather is nice. I've spent many hours on the pier at Frankfort but this will be the first with the boat. Probably won't care if I even mark a fish, the view from the boat will be enough to make my day:) .

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