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  1. In the places you fish, what inch mark do you tend to keep crappie at and what would you consider a big crappie?

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  2. usually start keeping around 9-10" and consider 14+ to be big

  3. joe66

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    8 to 12
  4. 10" usually a keeper in my eyes and 14"+ big one got one 14 the other day boy did he taste good think 15" is master angler not to sure bout that though
  5. 14" is master angler for both black and white
  6. sfw1960

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    Fremont's got tons of MA size specs Mike, I have flipped back a few incidentals around 14" and personally seen a 15.5" ripped & tossed back.I usually don't keep'M unless somebody wants them.
    Keep the questions & reports coming....

  7. Keep 10's. First 10 = $1.00 First 13 = $2.00
  8. I keep them when they're about 10 inches and consider anything over 15 a big one. The biggest I've caught was 17 3/4 inches.
  9. i keep about foot longs and up, my secret spot 15 and 16s arent uncommon but i guess i never thought about putting in for a master angler
  10. If they are big enough to eat they are big enough to keep...
  11. I got a 16 pic in my avatar pic master angler here I come.......:lol:
  12. I agree with most 9" is where I draw the line anything smaller is a waist not much meat.

    I figure these sizes are comparable with the amount of cleaned meat
    9" Crappie
    8" perch
    8" gills
  13. Here's some nice ones! Not sure where its at though....

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    10" and 13" are eaters , most 14" and ups go back when it's just me out there fishing.

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