Craft Hard Cider

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  1. Im huge on Cider! Best ive had is from Uncle John's in St Johns. They always have tons of variety at the winery. One kind available in cans at some beer stores. Im not too traveled on the MI Ciders tho. Need to try more! Where else can i get Ciders???

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  2. Tandem Cider north of Suttons Bay in Leelanau Co. They have 3-4 blends on tap and another half dozen bottled. They sell Growlers also.

    Try the Smackintosh, outstanding. :D

  3. Does hard cider taste like regular cider?
  4. Usually its more like a champagne apple juice kind of thing. Ive had some that were cloudy and super spicy too. Those look and taste more like jailhouse swish cider.

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  5. Closer to wine than sweet cider. They run the gamut from dry to sweet, with a definite apple flavor. The Smacintosh I mentioned has the definite flavor of the Macintosh apple. Most are made of blends of apple juice like sweet cider.
  6. Do they make this stuff in non-alcohol?
  7. I tried to get into cider a while ago, but I drank a bottle of Bulmer's back in '95 and got something that felt like food poisoning from it and haven't been back since. I like regular, non alcoholic cider when Fall rolls around, but the hard stuff just won't work for me. Maybe its something associative...I don't know. I can drink booze, beer, and wine...but hard cider is a no go for me. I would like to give it another shot, but the memory of leaking from both ends while feeling like my gut was on fire presents a sturdy hurdle to giving it another go round.
  8. My favorite overall craft cider nationwide is Vandermill in Spring Lake, Michigan. Their store/taproom is great, in a semi-country setting right on M104. They normally have about a dozen varieties on draft, along with 3 or so beers they make. They growler fill everything on draft and also sell many of the varieties in 750ml bottles. The totally roasted (made with roasted pecans) and the Chapman's Blend are my favorite easy ones to get. Currently they have one called "Founders Keepers" which is a Cyser they aged for 9 months in Founders Backwoods Bastard Barrels and they also have one called sweet 73, which was one aged in Jack Daniels barrrels. They also have some great food and very family friendly with donuts, regular cider, etc.

    Another cider thats on my radar but haven't had yet is Virtue Ciders, it is in Fennville, MI and started by the former head brewer of Goose Island. I have talked to people that have had both and say Vandermill is way better though.

  9. The best I've ever had was this last fall in western NY at Viscara Cellars/Beckers Orchards. It was a spiced hard cider, a pure delight to drink.

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