Crack in hull aluminum boat

Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by rusty02mf, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I have a 18' Targa Tracker boat bought new in 2004. I recently notice 2 cracks in the bottom hull and one 6" crack in the side of the hull near a support beam. Tracker wants to see the boat for an evaluation so I had to take it to the dealer last Saturday and they are shipping it to factory in Montana. Anyone else been thru this procedure and what should I expect? Were you happy with repairs or would you request to trade boat?
    thanks for help.


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  2. Three year old boat with cracks I would not be happy at all thats why I am not a big fan of trackers, to many stories like yours.. I guess you have to give them a chance to repair it, I would put it up for sale when you get it back and buy yourself a diffrent boat.. By the way sorry to hear you have to go thru this because there there is no reason you should with a boat you bought new and should have lasted you for years to come.. Cya Slick

  3. They should replace it .I have repaired a couple the cross member from side to side seem to crack the hull .Where it is attached to the hull
  4. I know a couple of people that had to have boats go back to the factory for hull damage, and they were still waiting to get them back in the middle of the next summer!! That was Lund in both cases though, so maybe Tracker will be a little faster. Good luck.

    Captain Jay

  5. Mark,

    It all depends on the manufacturer and what the root cause of the damage was. In some instances I have heard some manufacturers will take the Hull ID Plate from the defective boat and put it on a brand new hull essentially giving you a brand new Boat.

    What ever you do keep your cool as you work through the issue.
  6. I am sure they know they have a problem ,I will bet when you look under the floor you will see it cracked at a cross brace
  7. Just from some friends experience, dont plan on seeing it for a while.
  8. rusty funny u should should start this 2005 targa has 2 small cracks on welds and 1 larger one on a weld that opened up about 2in. long by 1/8 in. wide.went through the same thing with the pic. taking and the hauling it to ther shop twice they tried to say it was miss use,so i took it back to the house and ripped the floor out and found that a rib had popped up and pulled the weld from the hull causing the i took it back and they said well fix it leave it here well have to ship it back to the what the hell its august,that was 3 weeks ago i called to see what was going on ,and the guy tells me it hasent been shipped out even.what the @#$@$$# i was so mad i went back took my boat back threw some j/b weld on it and told them they could have it in the late fall to fix,and get this another boat exactly like mine pulled in with the same problem on the same side of the boat go figure. but any ways next boat wont be a trcker to many problems!!!!!!!!
  9. From what I've heard it is hit or miss with Tracker, but if you miss, you miss hard. Good luck.
  10. Good luck. Got to and do a search on tracker boats. There are a lot of post's just like your's.
  11. Thanks for all the help. Tracker marine in Auburn Hills call and they pick my boat up on Wednesday and its on its way to the factory in Missouri. Rich said he would call me when he heres back from factory.

    Mark Flora
  12. You are correct I will never buy another Tracker either. I have had so many problems with thi boat from day 1. Anyways the factory did pick my boat up on Wednesday it only took them a week and half. we will see what happens now?

    Mark Flora
  13. We have a Tracker and have not really had that many issues, but as we all know, it's either good or bad with Tracker....I think all boats have there problems though...we were up in Ludington and staying in Mason County campground, guys a couple spots down had a Lund Pro V which had about a
    2ft crack in the hull after hitting the big waves...ouch!!!
  14. good luck rusty i will bring mine in the fall after im done for the year.keep in touch with those guys im telling u they said the same thing about my boat oh about a week to pick it up,that was 3 weeks later and there it sat in the yard same place i droped it off,out side in the heavy down pours we had last week.losing my boat is like cuting off my left arm...
  15. Still don't have my boat back! They said there was a broken cross support and they said they would weld it back and sister with another brace. Hopefully it comes back ok. Still not sure how it will turn out cosidering there were 3 cracks in hull I guess I will have to wait and see what the repair looks like. Will keep you posted.

    Mark Flora

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