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  1. Hi, i am mostly a duck and goose hunter, but would like to find something to keep me occupied in the winter months, and i think yote hunting looks like a blast. I am just wondering what basic gear i need and what is a good rifle for the money. I am leaning towards a 22-250 but i am not sure. I already have snow camo, etc. Any equipment suggestions are helpful.

    Also, what is a good way to find an area, public or private that holds coyotes?

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  2. Lots of mouth blown calls,both distress and coyote howlers for 10-20 bucks.Also some pretty good e-callers can be had for $100-$300.You do not need a rifle to be effective on coyote here in mi.10-12ga shot gun and #4 buck works just fine.Some pretty good info can be had by going thru old threads on this site.Give it a try,it is alot of fun and a heck of a challenge.

  3. No buckshot allowed at night or rifle other than .22 cal RIMFIRE or smaller for night time hunting.
    Something to consider if you can only afford one weapon.
  4. The simplest way to hunt coyotes is to watch bait. Deer carcasses from processors are easy to come by. Setting them at selected spots that you can watch from a distance will eventually get you some action. Some guys set baits out where they can watch from a box blind used during deer season. While coyotes are everywhere, so are coyote hunters. Finding private land where no one else is hunting coyotes is getting harder and harder to get. If you sit outside to watch bait, camoflage clothing is desirable. If you want to call coyotes, camoflage is a necessity. One of the most versatile and effective hand calls on the market is simply 2 pieces of plastic with a rubber band stretched between them...for less than $8.00.
    Coyotes don't die by accident. Anyone who considers a big 10 pt buck is the ultimate trophy hasn't tried to intentionally kill a coyote. Good luck.
  5. It depends on what time you want to hunt them. Night time is a great time. I use a 12 ga. with 3" Tunkstin BB. Try to use a dence heavy shot in a 3 or 31/2" load.

    For day time I use a 223, 22-250, or a 220 Swift. Depends on my mood and what area I am going to hunt. But for all around the 22-250 is a great caliber. Many-O Critter has fallen to mine. I would look at Savage, they offer alot for the money.

    Game Calls: The sky is the limit, I would get several mouth calls of different animals. An E-caller is also nice to have, they will range any where from $25 to almost $600 :yikes::yikes:
  6. Deer carcasses from processors are easy to come by.

    You need to be careful what you use for "bait".
    You cant just dump a carcass on state land for bait.
    New Regs. are now in place. Parts from "Taxidermy" and "Butcher Shops" must be disposed of in a class 3 landfill.
    Roadkill may be transported and used for baiting, but not without a permit. Check the regs in the 2010 game guide. Coyote rules are spread through out the guide and there are a few rules that even some hardcore Coyote hunters don't know about.

    Predator hunting is one of the fastest growing hunting sports in North America. It would be nice if the DNR would devote a small section with ALL the regs on the same page!

    Anyone who considers a big 10 pt buck is the ultimate trophy hasn't tried to intentionally kill a coyote. Good luck. (your going to need it!)
    My feelings exactly....
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  7. I plan on day hunting in winter. I would be on private land so regs would be a little less strict. Thinking about a 22-250 in the future, but i want a new shotgun next year, so ill have to see what my grandpa has for me to use. If i dont want to keep the fur ill just whip out his .300 WSM :lol:

    Thanks for the advice and please, keep it coming!!!!

  8. Shouldnt be a big deal for you sense your all about breaking the rules so how about i get some of them Taxi scraps from you
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  9. The 22-250 is a great gun, but I see it as overkill in MI. It can do quite a bit of damage on fox and cats, when they're called into range (don't think you won't call in a fox now and then). They can also leave big holes in some coyotes every now and then. You really need to think about the loads you are using. That said, most of your shots will be within 200 yards in MI (most under 150 actually), unlike some guys out west shooting 300+ once in a while.

    I personally would go with a .223 if you have to have a 22 CF. Or, you could look at the .17 Remington Fireball. They're both good rounds for MI predator hunting. If you're a reloader, 52 gr. Sierra HP's are a good bullet for the .223 and coyotes. The .17's, use a Berger Match 25 gr. People are saying they like the factory loaded UMC 25 grainers for the Fireball too. I shoot a .17 Remington (not Fireball), but I'm also a reloader. It's a great gun if you reload.

    Start thinking about what you wanna do with the fur too. If you get into calling, you'll probably get into fur handling down the road and won't want big holes in the pelts. Better to buy one rifle to fit the job now than to be disappointed with one gun and buy another two years later.

    If I was hunting in the SLP, I'd stick with a shotgun and hunt in cover near swamps and drainages during the winter months. Yotes in MI can be hard to call across a 120 acre cut field....although not immpossible.

    P.S. Be careful with FMJ's and .22 CF's. They'll skip quite a long ways and may end up in a cow in the next section.
  10. Are there any guns chambered in the .17 fireball made by someone other than remington. I have had some poor products/customer service with them lately
  11. I lost 4 Coyote using a .17. Buy what you want, but I'll never use on one a Coyote again.
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  13. If you are not going to look at a 22-250, then I would look at the 223. Maybe in a AR15 platform. Extreamly versitile, you can buy one lower, and switch out what ever upper you want. Go to and look at what they have to offer. Useing an AR makes it nice for a quick follow up shot, incase of a miss or a double call in, which I have had happen several times. Like I said the AR is very versitile, with the push of 2 pins, you can switch from a varmint upper to a home defence type upper. Ammo is still relitively cheap for farting around at the range as well. I wouldn't use a FMJ bullet for hunting, but for the range, it's good to go.
  14. Only custom makers that I know of...

  15. Which one and which bullet?

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