coyote and fox hunting with hounds

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  1. i am just curious as how many people on here run hounds after fox and coyote?
    i do :D
    and if you do what types of hounds do you use and how many and so on?
    i have 2 running walkers that i have been training since march. and i have a couple buddies that have some hounds also that i run with.

    just thought i would start some friendly conversation and maybe some bragging about our hounds. especially after i had the best chases yet, just this morning. and it is all i can think about. and all i can do is smile and spoil my hounds right now. all the hard work and money and time and frustration was forgot about today. and also i think watching my boys run today has been the most educating experience i have had running them. they taught me tons about themselves and how they like to hunt. my boys are only 11 months old and i think they ran like 3 year olds this morning :D

    later, dave

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  2. Sounds like fun, Dave.

    I'm going to move this to the dog forum because there'll be more people seeing it.

  3. I run coyotte with hounds. We don't run many fox if your in a good area with yoes not many foxes around. There eithor eaten or run off by coyottes. The hounds are not mine but friends. They use nothing but Walkers and don't run till after all the deer seasons are closed to keep from running into problems with deer hunters. For some reason some hunters see a big hound running they think it's running deer and will try to shoot it. This is a very exciting and very misunderstood sport. I love grouse hunting but sitting on a back track and hearing those big hounds voices coming at you from a half mile away really get your heart pumping. Don't let anybody kid you a coyotte is a true trophy animal. Most people have no idea how many song dogs there are around. I live right in the city(Lansing)limmits and had a big male yoe looking threw the fence at my female setter when she was in heat. I bet those would have been great pups. Great noses but I'm sure would have taken some serious work on the point and retrieve.
  4. howdy worm dunker, yep i agree that people dont think there are as many coyotes as there is. i tell people about my hounds and most say, there are coyotes around here. i laugh and just reply oh yeah. i probably wont be running in the wild until afetr deer season is over also. i have only been running my dogs in the training pens so far. i have a few good places near me to run some foxes also :D

    do your friends have the running walkers or do they have treeing walkers?

    it gets your heart pumping doesnt it :D yes the coyote is one great trophy animal and they dont have any bag limits :D

    later, dave
  5. To be honest I don't know for sure I have run with them for about 9 years now and have never seen anything treed so I guess running! Last year we had a coyotte run right through an elderly ladies yard so we stopped and asked her for permission to turn the dogs out she said go for it the coyotte had ate three of her cats so far. We have run into a farmers that won't let us run coyotte on his land he like them they kill turkey and deer and anything else that eats his corn.
  6. Ever run those hounds up north?

    I have a yote problem:rolleyes:
  7. rob, i havent yet in the wild. i am waiting until after deer season, then let the chases begin.....hey maybe i can take care of your yote problem :D

    later, dave
  8. We could do a rabbit hunt/ yote hunt.

    If things go as planned I'll have a heated kennel that will easily fit all the dogs:rolleyes:

    I plan on finishing it this weekend.
  9. My buddies don't go up north. The yoes are just like our deer more down here than north plus they don't seem to pack here like up north. A pack can be deadly on a single dog even a big dog like a Walker.
  10. rob, i might just have to take you up on some rabbit and yote hunting. we will have to set something up after deer season.

    worm dunker you are right about a pack being tough on a single hound that is why if i run up north i will run no less than 3 dogs. down here i will run 2. how many dogs do your friends run at a time and do you guys use guns to kill the coyotes?

    later, dave
  11. I only hunt part time with these guys but they usually only run one or two dogs at a time. They hunt mostly during the week less traffic for the dogs to dodge crossing roads and less people asking what we are doing all holding rifles. Most of us use 223, 243, and 25/06. I use both a 25/06 bolt and Minni-14 223. The guys took 33 coyottes last year and I think less than 5 were mangie. There is a big group of guys(we herd there is over 50 of them) I believe there out of the Webberville area they only use 22s and shot guns.
  12. wow worm dunker you guys must be some good shots when those coyotes are running from the hounds ;) my buddy and i am planning on using shotguns mostly so it will be a little easier to hit while they are running. even though i have noticed that when only a couple or few dogs are pushing a coyote they will run ahead of the dogs and actually stop quite a bit and look back. i do have a .223 that i might try taking out with me also.

    good idea on hunting the weekdays also. i try to hunt the weekdays no matter what i am hunting. that is a reason i went to 3 rd shift last month so i can get out of work at 7 in the morning and cut some fresh tracks. :D

    later, dave
  13. a couple of my buddys run yotes in the webberville/fowlerville area. last year i believe they got around 80. i have them around my place but i have yet to call on in. i did call in a couple fox last year but i didnt have any shots. i use a 6mm or .22mag depending on the area i am hunting. this year i just got a lot more property to hunt so hopefully we can do some damage to the dog population.
  14. 80 yotes, wow that is good numbers i only hope my young hounds can get half of that going for me. i never had any luck doing any calling for coyotes and fox. that is the reason i actually got into hounds, i got tired of going coyote hunting and not getting anything :rolleyes: i know this winter will be a different story though :D
    good luck damaging the dog population on your new land.

    later, dave

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