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Cover Hulls Vs. Trappers Antifreeze?

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by gander08, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. gander08

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    With this being my first year being able to trap and a lot of time on my hands coming up with Christmas break, I think I’m more excited about trapping for my first time than I am Christmas! I have really started to take interest in trapping this past year, and finally have everything I need. I didn’t go cheap about it either, bought good quality so it would last. So my question is…I have trappers antifreeze and Cover Hulls, what do you prefer? Also, if I use just straight cover hulls, won’t it be hard to bed my trap? Also, if I use the antifreeze, should I mix it with the dirt I sift, or just put it in the bed and around the jaws? Thank you and Happy Holidays and Trapping!
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  2. springdale

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    I'm no expert on K9's (or anything else I guess) but I think the hulls would do a better job. I've used the Anti-freeze and had them walk all over it so I'm going to Peat moss. I dont know if I wasnt putting enough Calcium Chloride on the set or if after awhile you need to re-do it. I just watched a Video and they used peat moss for cold weather. Some of the other K9 guys on here could tell you a ton more than me. If its in the water I have some good luck but the K9's give me fits, Ive caught a few Coyotes, fox and 1 Bobcat, but miss way more than I catch. Good luck with what ever you try.


  3. BigWhiskey

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    I use a calcium chloride or salt along with peat moss and dry dirt. Here is my process:

    Dig out trap bed
    Spread light layer of salt
    Peat Moss
    bed trap
    peat moss
    Dry dirt
    then a layer of salt over everything in about a 3 foot diameter

    Its not always exactly this way, but you get the rough idea. I still get frozen traps and other problems, but it works for me pretty good. I also try and use deep stepdowns and use mostly peat moss. Good luck.