Could metal roof boost my antenna???

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by target-panic, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. I have a hunting cabin in eastern Baraga Co. We usually only got one or two channels with rabbit ears. I have a converter box, but I haven't been up there to try it out yet.
    I was wondering if I could wire my VHF / UHF antenna to my metal roof and maybe boost my signal a bit ? I remember running a wire to the window screens in the college dorms, and it seemed to work pretty well :lol:. Will this help? Any other imput on this idea?


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  2. I tried my converter box today with my rabbit ears and got zip! It said weak signal. I also have a metal roof and on the way home I was wondering the same thing.

  3. I don't know about the antenna issue but that sure is a nice little cabin you got there. Is that one of those that are built using a kit? Any pics of the interior?
  4. Thanks! We love it! It's usually just Dad & I. It is hand scribed Amish built and then reassembled on our property. It's been an ongoing project for about 5 years, but it's been fun for Dad & I to work on it together. I don't have any digital pics of the inside, but I plan to take a few on my next trip up there.

    Now.......anymore imput on the roof / antenna subject ?:confused::confused::confused:
  5. Not an expert, but the metal roof should block the signal. Best bet would be to go with an outdoor antenna up on the higher part of the roof. Also, try the indoor antenna by the windows.
  6. Dont know about the tv but my cell phone dont work worth a crap inside a cabin with a metal roof. Dont seem like a very good antenna.
  7. Your best off getting a dish, climb a tree and mount the dish so you have a clear view of the Southwest Sky. Then hook up the receiver inside the cabin.
  8. Do you have a dish at home?

    If you mount a dish on a tree it better be a big stiff tree. It the tree moves much in the wind you will get signal interuption.
  9. mike the pike

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    That what we found out the hard way
  10. If your roof was flat, and your antenna mounted in the center of it. Then your roof would act like a ground plane for the antenna. Which then would boost your antenna reception.

    But since your roof is peaked. Then it is actually reflecting the waves off it causing reception problems. Move the antenna away from the roof and your reception will improve.

    Samething goes for the cell phones, radios, cb radios and other things.

    Flat roofs absorb the transmission waves, where as a peaked roof reflects them.
  11. I guess you guys aren't understanding my question. I realize that the metal roof will interrupt the signal inside the cabin.......on rabbit ears.......cel. phones......etc.......

    My question was........... Can I run some antenna wire, and attach it to each corner of the roof, and then back to my set top VHF / UHF antenna to help amplify the signal. It would seem that If the wires were correct, it would turn the whole roof into a large antenna. Is my thinking flawed ???
  12. Your roof is peaked. It reflects the transmission waves you are trying to receive.

    If your roof was flat then yest it would work. Because the flat roof would absorb the transmission wave.

  13. So am I screwed?.......or is there a way to use this "reflection" to my advantage? I should also mention that my cabin sits very high up on a hill. Probably one of the highest points in the area. The landscpe drops down all around my location.

    This "digital" switch has caused more confusion than Y2K.....:lol::lol::lol:
  14. Get a tower and mount the antenna on that. Search craigslist and other classifieds. You can usually find people giving these things away.

    You need a tower that will go at least 10 ft taller then your peak of the roof.

    There is nothing you can do to use the reflection of the roof to your advantage.

    Except go from a steel roof to a shingled roof. But I highly don't recommend this.
  15. Big said it. TV signals are transmitted horizontally. If your roof had no pitch it would boost it. Since it is peaked it will reflect.

    And btw my 14ft tower with a huge antenna mounted on the chimney does not receive the new digital signal... even tried several signal boosters with the same result.

    They said after all analog is stopped they may be able to up the transmission power 10% but basically what it comes down to is the cable companies were tired of people getting free service so they devised a way to get people to switch over. voila'

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