cougar in alger,mi.

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by wildlife chaser, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. just seen a pic of a cougar draging a 10 point buck the pic was taking on a trail cam in alger mi. has anyone else seen this and know if it is ture or not.

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  2. I remember seeing one like you say about a year ago in an e-mail not sure if its the same one or not. I'm sure the picture I seen was real but I dont think it was from Michigan(the picture in my e-mail) It was probably from some western state. I know there are cougers in the U.P. with proven trail cam pics. So who knows.......

  3. I would bet it is the same one that has made it's rounds the last couple years. I think it's from Minn, or a little further west and not from Michigan.
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    Here we go ....... AGAIN.💤
  5. It's been going around for a year or two. It's from Texas...

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  6. Yeah that picture has been around for a while. Its a fake.
  7. The picture is not fake. It just didn't happen in Michigan.
  8. Right, thats what I meant lol.

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