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Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by RidgeRunner, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. Hey Ridge, how long you been hunting in the Mancelona area? The reason I ask I grew up there, some of my family still lives there.

    You sure can see some strange stuff in Kenton. My father in law new the guy who started it. He remembers when it was just on one side of the road. I have seen guys sleeping under cars, passed out next to there pack of dogs and campers that should of not been on the road. You will see anything from skinheads to Amish.

    Sometimes things happen in life that pull you away from hobbies. It does not mean you still don't love the tradition. It stays with you forever. I hope someday to get back into it.

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  2. ROFL...well what a treat to read this thread. I have only been coon hunting once with Cooner. Had a great time but I was beat after working one of those 12 hour days and then trying to keep up with a high power health guy after his dogs. We had some good races, the dogs did great and it was fun to hear them bay and sing on the track. One offshoot from it is we had coyotes around us after we were done, now we are in lets kill coyote mode!!!
    Kenton, yes, Conner managed to intoduce me to that several years ago and indeed a cultural shock. I was amazed at the fantastic Billybob teeth that I saw then after the 10th great set I figured out that they were the real thing.
    You just can not believe the amount of stuff, junk and otherwise that is assembled there. Like you guys said, Amish to skinheads it is all there to be amazed at. Second time we went it was hot, dusty. Just after a very expensive like 4 bucks a slice a very very large female..I mean large in a too small halter top and very small blue jean shorts came around..You sort of half to imagin rolls on rolls here. I mentioned to Cooner...he groaned and just said..."darn, you know how much lunch just cost me and I just may loose it" The terrible thing was that gal seem to bump into us for the rest of the day no matter what booth we were at she seemed to show up.
    If you are good at horse trading that is a great place to go, myself I can go there with three guns and come out with a belt buckle. Cooner will go there with a belt buckle and come out with three guns and a shirt.

  3. Robert, We'll have to try to take in a hunt this winter. This weekend is bad for me since I have to work. I also have a meeting at the coon club down in Onsted, it's the Michigan PKC State meeting. We have to vote on where our state hunt will be & vote in officers for 2003. We're also having a potluck. Right now I'm getting into coyote calling so this weekend I'll probably be out calling at night. Suppose to get pretty cold so most coon may lay up for a spell, but the boars are probably out looking for mates.Stay in touch. :)
  4. i have only live in mancelona 2 years......but i do most of my hunten out twoards chandler hills....and the pigion river country...out east of vanderbilt......
  5. Chandler sis and brother-in law live up there on that road. Are you hunting the hills, in the potholes or down by the old hardwood nursery??? Have seen coons over by the creek that runs near the nursery and around the Thumb Lake area. Man the world is getting small.
  6. I'm interested in getting into coonhunting. I'm already into everything else. is it possible to just hunt with 1 dog? or is 2 or more demanded? any info on this new (to me) hobby would be great. carl
  7. You can hunt with one dog but it's easier for you if you have someone to run your young dog with to get it started.

    I run coon dogs sometimes with my buddies but there are guy's on here like cooner that I'm sure know more about it than I do.

    Beagles are my thing.

    The best advice I could give you is get a wick catalog (800) 325-2112 and buy quality stuff to start off with so you don't have to buy it twice.

    Next before you buy a dog hook up with some body that really really knows dog's.
    There are alot of guy's out there that take advantage of anybody they can.
    We call them Dog jocky's.

    Getting a really good running dog is hard and with out someone sorting the junk out who knows what there looking at it's almost impossible.

    I'm sure some of these full time coon guy's can help you out.
  8. Hi Carl, I agree with what Robert told you. I don't consider myself an expert but I can offer some advice to make your adventure a little less crazy.When it comes to coondogs I prefer to hunt one by itself or with well trained hounds. I don't like taking two dogs out by myself. To be honest it can be a real pain. Picture two hounds working up an old feeder track & taking it through the countryside & then some. Now picture walking a mile or more through things not fit for man or beast with a 22 strapped to your back. You get to the tree (hopefully not a dentree) shoot out the coon,end of story right? Now the fun begins. You have two big dogs, a coon & a 22 to lug all the way back to your truck or you can cut them loose again & keep hunting. Alot of times I'll just skin out the coon at the tree to lighten things up a little. It can be a pain walking back the two-headed monster through swamps, cornfields & woods. Now this is just my opinion mind you. I know guys who hunt more than one dog all the time. I currently am because I'm trying to get this pup I have on the right track. I've taken her by herself a couple of times & have had some bad luck with a few deer & a shock collar that decides to quit working.She's convinced me to swear off pups & just save up to buy a finished hound & go hunting & have fun!!!:D You should try to hook up with some hunters in your area & go a couple of times to see what it's all about. Where is Potterville?If you decide to go for it I would save your money & buy a finished female or nearly finished female. This will give you a starting place & if you really like the sport you can have her bred & you can use her to train your pup.None of this is written in stone you'll have to make up your own mind & if you ask 5 different guys they would all tell you something different.Just starting out with a pup is rough if you don't have the experience behind you & a good straight pup trainer. Most pups get ruined somehow & then what are you left with?Usually it's not the pups fault. I would try to get ahold of the book Walk With Wick written by John Wick, lots of good info in it. Another good book is Dynamics of Hound Training by Vickie Lamb. I believe you can order it through We all had to start somewhere. Try to hook up with a knowledgable hunter close by to see if he'll take you under his wing.Most of these old-timers are a wealth of knowledge.Never buy a hound without trying it out!!!Unless you know the man you're dealing with is an honest individual. Good luck & keep us posted!!:) PS. has some good info also
  9. Alot of what cooner said is true. I know the problem about getting out after you are deep in the woods. I tried it once with two dogs, two big coons, a lantern and a twenty two. I thought I was going to die.

    I hunted with just one dog for quite a while. It was a female walker. I started her on dead coons by dragging them for scent. What I have seen, is a pack of dogs can ruin a young dog. Either they all want to horse around to much, chase deer or the older dog may try to kick the pups rear end at a tree.

    A lot of guys will tell you they have straight dogs, not many but there are some real good ones out there. My female was as straight as she could be after about two years. It took a couple of porkies to wake her up. I never hunted her with another dog until she was about 4, it was her pup. We all new if she barked it was a coon. I did see her go a little crazy but never run the scent. Both times it turned out to be a bear in the Jordan Valley.

    I was forced to move to the city for work so I ended up selling her around 7 years old. The guy I sold her too had quite a bunch of dogs. From what I heard she never did hunt well for him. It was either she did not do well in packs or the fact we were seperated. I will never know for sure. I have seen dogs go crazy when they get in big groups. It sound nice when they are all at the tree.

    Nice thing about training a dog they way I did it. They don't pick up the bads habits from other dogs. Once a dog picks up bad habits it takes much longer to make them a good dog.
  10. boy it seems just like yesterday i was asking the same quistion.....carl.....i hunt with 1 to 5 dogs at once.....and its not really a pain for me....i do alot of picking and choosing.....i have a 9 year old black and tan that is a straight coon hound....good pup trainer.....and verry rairly do u look up for no ill usualy turn her out with a middle aged dog.....if that middle aged dog barks i wait...i wait till that old black and tan barks....when she barks ill turn a pup loose....all my dogs will honer one another.....if one dog trees there all there......verry seldome do i have to go looken for to get to the point if u want it goes.....

    #1- you need to get with an what i call "old timer" (theres no affence ment by this term) someone whose ben with coon hunting for a while.....hunt with him or her a few times....see how there dogs do....if they get trash all the time (ie porkies possium...or deer) u should move on to another old timer.....ask quistions.....
    #2- get a dog....but DONT I MEAN DONT take the first FREE DOG u come across.....u can run into problems with this...expecialy if there 1 or 2+ years....and have never coon hunted....see if the old timer will go with u to look at and hunt with this dog...thell be able to tell u if its worth your time....pups can be allright if there free but ALWASE I MEAN ALWASE HUNT WITH THE MOM AND DAD FIRST.....this dont mean that pup will make a coon hound but its possable.....if mom and dad are good coon dogs theres a good chance that that pup might be as well......personaly i recomend and older dog....i mean 6 to 8 years old....a close hunter.....this may sound crazy but in my opinion u want to take this slow...u want to get to know things befor u jump into it...and older dog can do this for u.....u have to learn to learn its barks.....the way it moves in the woods.....older dogs seem to handel better in the woods.....then when u learn ur old dog u can check to see how it is with pups ......if its good with pups than u may have a pup trainer on your hands.....and ull kindof have an understanding by now how things work and its easer to train a pup......
    #3- get a tracking system......i dont need a tracker with my old black and tan....but ill tell u what there will ALWASE BE THAT TIME where u need one.....
    #4- watch out for dog traiders like some one else said....they alwase have what they call GOOD DOGS. that turn out to be crap dogs.....
    #5- if u get into coon hunting, and ur kinda poor like me.....dont be ashamed to have to buy SOME used equipment...i hunted with a 5 dollor engizer light from home depo for a while and rechargable spot light i got from a gerage sale.....i bought my first coon light for 100 dollors used....but u want to buy a pair of wic boots.....they run 100 dollors but ill tell u will be one of the best envestments i think you will ever make....and what i use for hunting is a vest like for bird hunting....its got lots of pockets to keep squallers extra leads.....stuff like that....and u can fit two 25+ coons in the back of it....with no problem...

    if u take a look at this web sight youll see some of my dogs....

    if someone dissagress with anything i wrote here please put in there input.....i hate to see someone new running arround incircles cuz her or she caint get a straight awnser from anyone....
  11. carl....there are 4 coon hunts next month.....lapeere.....bellvue....chesning.....maple rapids..... i dont recomend getting into night hunts rate away.....but u can see abunch of dogs...and if u wanted to meet up i can introduce u to some coon hunters.......
  12. beaglenr.......i hunt off of slashing road....well usto.....thats a bad spot to hunt......and i hunt alittle off of howard grade road.....ive run two bear off of the grade...and ALOT OF COON on slashing road......but not many there this year......when i take the coon dog i handel for a freind to slashing road i turn loose at the river...and he alwase ends up crossing chandler road and treeing up on to of that big darned hill back in there.....every time....i think he dose it just to see me waddel up them know there is alot of private property out there but those are the only two spots i know i can hunt.....with out getting in to
  13. bellvue? would that be bellevue? which is a town about 25-35 miles south of lansing? carl
  14. Well said Ridge Runner!:D
  15. yes carrl......that is one of them.....i dont know if im going to make that one as it is the one farthlest from me......

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