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  1. Why is it that u dont much hear of coon hunting?....i mean coon hunting has ben arround as long if not longer than bear just amazes me that u can see pictures of these old times where the man is standing there with his HOUND DOG and there both just as proud as could u ever notice...that the dog never has a leash on.....u alwase hear of the bear that got away.....but what about that Ridgerunner coon that ran the creek banks and gave your dog a whirl of a ride....or that ghost coon that u could seem to run in the same spot ever night....but no matter what NO dog could tree that coon just alwas ended up a dead track......i think that in my opinion every older person should share there stories to help save the true sport....i mean back in the 50s.......runnen coon with your best friend who happned to be the only other one who lived on that side of the hill......that sounds like a dream.....i think that there are alot of people out there who have lost that wound up in compotition....i coon hunt with a lady thats ben doing it for 50 years.....and theres some stories behind some of them just asken....if theres someone out there that could point me in the direction of some real coon stories i would apreachat it.....i think the real value of the sport is fading away......and we need to take a step twards keeping the tradition........

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  2. because coon prices have went down. and more property is being bought by different landowners so tresspassing is almost a given. carl

  3. I really don't think that people have lost the tradition per say, I believe that there are a few reasons for the virtual disappearance of the coon hunter.
    1. Hard to get permission due to the myth that the dogs will scare the deer off of the property.
    2. Farmers are woried about liability.
    3. Being hassled and accused of doing wrong i.e. trespassing,crop damage, stealing tree stands.
    4. Low fur prices
    5. Being hassled by C.O.s
    :( :( :(
  4. I still coon hunt on a regular basis & am a club officer for the Southern Michigan Coonhunters Association located in Onsted, Mi. I try to keep a good relationship with the farmers in my area that let me hunt their land. There's no such thing as afree lunch. That applies to all hunting. Offering to help these farmers out goes along ways. So does dropping off a Christmas ham or turkey. It amazes me how many hunters hunt these places & offer nothing in return. I'm lucky to break even in this game that's for sure. You can't be in it for the money. Things can get out of hand when guys are out there only for the money.....stolen dogs, spotlighters etc....The sport of coonhunting really doesn't have a so-called off season like other forms of hunting does. If you want to hunt your dog in competition you can during the quiet season at sanctioned nite hunts. Some hunts pay out pretty big prizes these days like trucks & checks up to 30k. Most guys in it today are in it because they love to hear a hopund work & get treed. There's nothing like it!!!:)What's killing us are these city people moving out to the country & buying 5-10 acres & think they own the entire section. I've only had run-ins with the small landowner who owns land adjoining the farm I'm hunting. I have permission where I turn-in. Not all guys do. A few can ruin it for the others-just like life.Take care & if ya ever get a chance to go do it!
  5. I run beagles some in compitition most mostly I hunt them and just run them.

    I have run coon hounds and I do enjoy it but I just don't have time or the space to do both.

    I have a pretty good size pack of beagles 6 so they take up most of my free time.

    I do run with alot of friends though I'm sure we know some of the same people I am freinds with alot of the guy's at the wayne co. coon club.

    I agree there are to many people buying small chunks of land and worrying about a dog running any where near it. People just don't respect guy's with dog's any more just because they don't know anything about it.
  6. The Wayne co. coon club is having a branding day March 29.
    John Cole who some of you guy's probably know will be doing the freeze branding.
    He charges $5 per dog.
    The club is in Romulas.
    I will post exact directions later on the sporting dog forum.
  7. You're right about that Robert. Too many of the old stereotypes still exist about hounds & houndsmen.......drunks,trespassers,violators,must be doing something illegal out late at night likethat. Most people don't realize the time & effort it takes to finish a dog out. Most working people don't have the time anymore. I just love listening to old timers talk about how they use to do it & all the land that was available to hunt on. Most people back then would let you hunt, times sure have changed.
  8. I go on and on about telling guy's or trying to tell guy's about how hard it is to get a dog finished. Some one the other day asked me if I'd take $300 for one of my best dog's.

    I just luaghed if people only realized maybe they would respect the sport a little more.

    :D You can tell the guy's who are really into it they never say what time there gonna be home. Running decides all that :D
  9. I gave it up mainly because of what most are saying.... problem with landowners. I have been on some long runs, kind of hard keeping the coon from trespassing. I will have to say it really cramped my hunting when I moved downstate.

    I sure have some memories. I know the money I made at night coon hunting during the 80's. Was more then I was making during a 10 hour day as an apprentice.

    The first time I took my new father-in law up north hunting was a real treat. He also coon hunted in southern Mi. We chased a coon to the top of one of those hills by Shanty creek (Bellaire) He said he felt like he was in the Swiss Alps, he wanted to yodel.

    I had one night my first wife and mother offered to take my dog to the vet around 1:00 AM. A coon had really tore up one of my walkers ears and we could not stop the bleeding. They were speeding thru town when a cop pulled them over. Just before they stopped my dog shook her head and flung blood all over the windows and interior. Old Barny Fife had no idea what to do at first when he saw all the blood.

    Anyone been down to Kenton Ohio?
  10. I hear ya Robert. $300!!!!My light cost more than $300. This sport can run you some bucks. Light-$350, Dog box-$325, Tracker $800, Training collar(Tri-tronics)-$600,Froglegs-$95,Jacket-$50,Pick-up truck-$500 to $30k ,Decent hound -$2K & UP.Now you can cut corners on these items & some you really don't absolutely need. I just started with a Bill Boatman Dyna-lite & a pair of boots. As time went on I was able to purchase the rest.I can't believe I hunted as long as I did without a tracker. I never cut loose without one now.What kind of feed you giving your dogs Robert? I usually feed Black Gold, Diamond or Star Dog food.:D
  11. Kingfisher II, I go to Kenton every year with a guy on here with the name Beaglernr. We have a good time & try to do a little horse trading if ya know what I mean. If somebody hasn't been to Kenton it's a sight to see that's for sure. I think Beaglernr was culture shocked the first year he went with me.Lately it seems to be getting away from the hunting dog atmosphere that it originally started as. The dogs running the field trials aren't even coonhounds!!!They use grey hounds with muzzles. Not much opening on track!!!Where did you hunt at in southern Michigan? We do have a tremendous coon population that's for sure & most farmers let you hunt. It's just getting harder to find big enough areas to go.The worst thing to ever happen to one of my dogs was to have to amputate one of his rear legs. He got hung up on a fence by his rear leg & hung there for 13hrs before my wife & I found him. His foot was frozen solid around the barbwire. The foot got infected real bad & the leg had to be amputated. If I had a tracker that wouldn't of happened. I still have that blue dog & he's 9 1/2 years old & still acts like a pup. Even with 3 legs he is able to get around fine. I'm partial to walker hounds myself, but I'm also not colorblind. See Ya:D
  12. I use to go to Kenton every year. My father in law still does. I remeber one year he spent some big bucks for a red tick down there. He should have been sober before he made the deal. The dog was the worst thing I ever saw. I still tell my wife that is why I married her. Her father and I hit it off once we found out we both hunted coons. I bought a shotgun down one year off the fence and it turned out to be stolen. It turned out to be quite a deal. It was part of a huge insurance claim. I guess they stole everything, even the carpet. It sounded like a big scam. What made the whole situation harry... The guy who filed the claim had the same last name as I!

    I know what you mean about the greyhounds with muzzles. Sure don't seem like the real tradition. I loved to hear my dogs a tree baying.

    We hunted the Saginaw/Genesee area. I know most farmers would let us hunt around here. It is funny how so many farmers blame deer for all the crop damage when coons do more.

    Where I did most of my hunting up north was Antrim county.
  13. They say you should never buy a dog down there, everyone learns it one way or the other.You know the way it goes.....Oh you'll like him he just needs a few more coons shot down to finish him out!!!I have a friend who use to go hunt up south of Traverse City in Buckley. They sure brought back alot of real prime jumbo coon. They were the nicest I've seen in awhile. Almost black in color. I guess there's alot of state land up that way, which makes it nice.I 've hunted some in the thumb area where my wife is from-Pigeon- Caseville area. Really flat up that way.Not many house either.
  14. well like i said.....cooner has a good point....u spend all this money....and u become a coon hunter....if u put that much time into it just to get started....u would not move someplace and give that up...not for nonthing.....not if ur a true hunter.....and this is the point to where im getting.......
  15. Yeah I know what you mean. I spent more on collers than I did on my truck:eek: . I bought that wildlife 10 with seven collers.
    Man did that hurt. I just bought my second three dog beagler.
    From tritronics $730 buck's each.

    I think if I had all the gas money back from all the trips I made for the dog's alone I'd probably be rich:p .

    But it's a blast I love getting them pup's and turning them into real hounds.

    I feed mine Diamond maintenince in the summer and the high fat diamond in the winter once I start running them real hard.

    After a hard day of hunting they usually get something extra like hamberger or something to make sure they eat.

    I haven't been to kenton but I plan on going this year.
    I'd like to get a room and stay the night.

    I hear the night life can be pretty wild down there.

    We should do a rabbit hun't / coon hunt some time.
    We could coon hunt friday night and saturday night.
    and rabbit hunt during the day..

    I mostly rabbit hunt with guy's who run coon hounds.
    They always have the best spots..

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