Converting fish finder to ice finder

Discussion in '' started by RyGuy525, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. I have a old Eagle Magna 2 that is just sitting around gathering dust and i decided since i cant afford a vex right now im going to turn that bad boy into my ice fishing fish finder. My question is how do i do this??? Do i have to buy a diffrent transducer or can i some how use the 20 degree skimmer transducer?

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  2. easy. stock transducer and 7 amp hour battery.

  3. nice! looks like you found a perfect fitting container with a carrying handle.
  4. So i do have to buy a new transducer? What type do i need?
  5. Ry...

    I am buying a Lowrance X67C boat model and hooking up the transducer to a vexilar float (or a piece of pool noodle, which I have A LOT of).

    In fact, if you want a piece of pool noodle, I'll bring ya one if we ever meet up to fish. (i might also have an extra battery...but wont offer it til I test)
  6. So i could use the exsisting ducer or no? I'm going to try fishing saturday if you want to come with me...
  7. I'll be around...I have a party on Friday and it's my wife's turn to drive, so I'll probably be nursing a hangover!

    From everything I've read, the existing ducer will work.
  8. i used the stock transducer and i could see my tiny splitshot in 40' FOW w/ the fishmark 320 in the picture. Prompted me to buy the x67c so i don't use that unit for ice fishing anymore but for 150$ its hard to beat.
  9. Yep. You saw mine last year. I did some tinkering and fixed it better. Plus the new 737 has a flasher mode built in.

    Looks like I am going to be home with the kids tomorrow, which means I'll be on the water. If you don't have to work, lets meet up. I can give you a piece of pool noodle to use. You can look at how I have mine rigged.

    I was on my way out the driveway after I talked to you today. As I pulled out the neighbor got stuck. Pulled him out and here comes the snowplow. 2 hrs of shoveling up in smoke, and I had to dig it back out so we could pick up my older boy. By the time I got done, I wouldn't have had any time to fish, and I was wiped out. Gonna be hurting in the morning.
  10. I didn't see the picture until i made the second post and then i felt like an idiot. I will rig that thing up for this weekend.

    Todd, I wish i could tag along but i have 2 finals tomorrow and i work from 3-11 so i wont be able to. I need to buy a 12v battery and i'm all set. Its good to see you back in the ice forum!
  11. you may check riders hobby....they are used to start airplane motors. i bought a 7ah a few years ago for a reasonable price i believe. tower hobbies has them for 13 bucks plus 12 for the charger...but you'd have to pay shipping
  12. unless you have one that you are willing to part with i will find one around here somewhere for a decent price. I'm normally pretty good at finding deals.
  13. well, i've got two, but i dont know if they are any good. i can't remember what i pulled them from. just got to find a charger and let them sit overnight, then see how long they'll light a bulb up.

    I'll try to get them on a charger tomorrow to see how they do.
  14. I would appreciate it. More than willing to pay you for the battery if it is in good shape.
  15. You can rig 2 6 volt lantern batteries in series. That's how mine is set up. I bought 2 recharble ones (found one a Cabelas for $2.00). I use them on the ice for my finder and with my mojo dove for dove hunting. They are 5 or 6 yrs old and still going strong.

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