Consumer's Power pricing to run power per foot

Discussion in 'Michigan Homesteading and Home Improvement' started by Steve, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I need to know approximately what Consumer's Power charges per foot, both above ground and below ground to run power out to a residence. Also how many feet do you get for free.

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  2. Steve, I believe that it is about 7.00 per foot.

    You can go to http: // www . consumersenergy . com/welcome.htm (had to break the link sorry..less than 15 post)

    and use the 'Search' for trench price per foot. You will find you answer.

  3. That seems low. Seems like I was quoted 10-$12 per foot underground and unknown above ground because of tree cutting costs.
  4. Steve, I ran both gas and electric about 75 feet at home and it cost me about $1800.00. I put up a temp pole and ran my own line 200 feet up north for about $500. How far do you have to go?
  5. Oh, only about 1400' ;) . This line would either have to be buried directly under an existing two track, or if above ground would need several easements to be purchased.
  6. It may depend upon the twp.... when we were investigating the same, they would run 600ft. free--- but only to a residence (had to be under construction with foundation in and upper const. begun.) They would run to a permanent building (other than home, like to a pole barn), but we had to pay initial installation to run it (over $4600) then they would credit us for amount of first 5 years use. They also required 30' either side of line 'ground-to-sky' cleared.

    They said THAT twp. ord wouldn't allow running to vacant land and just putting in a pole. We had 2 elec. engineers out to the property and rec.d the 'news'.
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  7. Steve, you might find an electrical contractor willing to do the trenching, running the conduit and pulling the wire at a less expensive rate than consumers. I don't know if they'd also let a contractor do all the connections at the meter as well. That way all the power company would have to do is connect it to the pole transformer.

    It's been a long time since I've done any of that type of work so I forget exactly what a contractor can and can't do.
  8. Wow, 1400' yea going to cost you some. I would say keep using your generator, for now. Going to take you a long time to recoup that investment, with this states economy.

    I have a gas well that uses electric so the transformer was already back in the woods:).
  9. If this is hunting property, and you have plans of doing it in the future when...ya know, yer gonna "retire" or something...I strongly recommend paying to do it now....that and, well, with the price of metals going up, and the value of the dollar going down, you are going to get more and more expensive in the future.

    When I bought my wire for my garage, it was rated for 100 amp direct burial. Price was 50 cents a foot. That alone is $2100. You are going to have to rent a trencher for a weekend. That will cost you another $300.

    I'll send ya a PM with more info.
  10. a friend of the family had to run about 2000' or so and it cost about $10,000 all said and done and he own's a electrical company.
  11. Yup friend of mine wanted to run power to his cabin, a touch over 1/4 mile. Appx. $12K just to run the power to his lot, then he has to buy a power pole/box and then other wire.

    He changed his mind quick.........
  12. I can buy a lot of generators for that money. Just hope I can build a "qualified" residence without having power that is run from a Utility company.
  13. That's what i say.

    my neighbor up north just paid $67 thousand to bring underground power 3 miles.:dizzy: my Honda generator runs 13-14 hours on 1 gal of gas.:) I'll stick with the generator for awhile.

  14. You sure can. Amish do it all the time.

    I know guys that have places on islands and they think nothing about it, not having "city power"
  15. sfw1960

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    I think you can......(You're "amish" aren't ya??LOL)
    Steve ,
    I'm guessing this is for your hunting property up north??
    Look in to the "Generac" series of propane powered generators sold by Lowes , Cabela's , Northern tool - ETC.....
    For less than what you'll pay for running all that wire and you can run a whole house off it.

    Check out the Guardian 7kW for $2199.00!



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