Columbiaville Launch for holloway

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  1. Can anyone tell me how to get to the public launch site for Holoway in Columbiaville. I'll be heading there from M24 lapeer.
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    There is one right by River and 5th street, unimproved but OK for smaller boats.
    There is another one that isn't just a launch, it's an adventure on Marathon Rd as you head N out of town. Stump proof boats only, glass need not apply. Beefy 4 wheeler unless you can carry the boat to the water. And you will be stuck up there unless you are in a canoe, as the bridge clearance to get to the main resivour is like 24" or so.
    The best launch is the Walleye Pike launch on Henderson Rd. North off of Stanley Rd.

  3. Automan, Esox's info. is right on. I can launch my 19'er there, but, I wouldn't recommend anything much bigger. Just make sure you keep the motor up as high as possible (stumps) and go straight west for 50 yards or so.
    It's an all sand launch. Lots of not to brights get stuck there. You know the ones that try launching with rear wheel cars and minivans. I have 4x4, so I never have a problem. But there is alot of parking there and it's free.
    The Walleye Pike launch on Henderson is pricey, $10 daily, $45 season.
  4. Yes that one right in town is good. But watch it there has been a few laim brains launching big boats and it is really getting rutted up I have seen five or six people stuck there in the last few days! But they are launching 20' + boats but yours should be fine!!! Good Luck!!

  5. Automan, sorry none of us gave you directions.
    Take M24 to Columbiaville rd. turn left (only goes one way). Take that all the way into Columbiaville. There's a small turn as you come into town. At that point it becomes Pine st. Take Pine til it dead ends. Turn right, when you come up to the corner, you'll see the launch on your left. Most people park at the IGA which is now closed.

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