Cold weather grease?

Discussion in 'Snowmobiling' started by ahoude23, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. I got my first sled at end of season. My dealer wanted to sell me "cold weather grease". Can I use the same grease I use on my truck or is there a legitimate reason for "cold weather grease"?


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  2. The biggest difference I've had with "cold weather grease" is that it works in the gun easier in the cold. If your sled is greased properly with adequate quality grease you are probably ok in my opinion. You wantto look at the working range on the grease but my understanding is it's primarily for ease in getting the grease into the part/location. Granted if it's cold out and you need grease to flow, you may look for the cold-weather. Or you could just put the sled in the garage, let it warm to 38 degrees while the grease gun is inside and then give it a pump or two.

    Basically I use the same quality synthetic grease year round.

  3. No real reason for it just use the normal grease.
  4. use synthetic grease. it works the best with the water getting in there.
  5. My grease guns are garage kept (heated). Should have no problems. Quality synthetic grease and away I go.


  6. I also use synthetic, water wont wash it out.

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