Chocolay River

Discussion in 'Upper Peninsula Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by RedCloud, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Anybody catching any steelhead on the chocolay yet?

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  2. There were a few, then the crowds got bad and that was about the end of that. Now the water is going sky high from rain/snow melt and most of the fish have pushed up into the closed stretches.

  3. thanks pikedevil you steelhead fish alot? I go to college up here so i haven't fished around here much. Went to gander mtn. to get some info on the rivers ended up buying a new lamiglas pole so i had to go and try it out went to chocolay had one on but lost it. thinking about going to try the carp today hopefully not too crowded.:eek:
  4. If you are wading at all use extreme caution. The river is high and very fast right now. I would not recommend trying to cross at all. Especially if you are not familiar with the river. Good luck if you go.
  5. No wading for me steel. Was down there today yeah she was moving pretty good. Fished for 3 hours no bites. Pretty dirty but i plan on going back tonight around 5 or 6 after i get out of class. How far up can i go before it closes?
  6. Took a ride to check out the Chocolay yesterday, and it was pretty high. I didn't feel like fishing because I had just finished the 2-3 hour process of getting my 2WD Ranger unstuck on the Carp River Road. I don't know, maybe I'll hold off on the streams for awhile and try at the Lower Harbor breakwall for coho, etc.

    The Chocolay is open year-round from the lake up to Big Creek, which according to my atlas is maybe 1.5 miles upstream of M-28. You can see the DNR inland trout regs here if you don't have a book:,1607,7-153-10364-137192--,00.html
  7. Jerry thanks for the info on the Chocolay. Went down carp lake road tonight i can see why you got stuck it's pretty rough. What kind of lures do you use off of the breakwall like j plugs or raps and what weight?
  8. I've had succes in the Big Pond with Rapala J-11's and Cleos... You also can't go wrong with a whole Night Crawler...
  9. Thanks great one all of us should get together and go fishing sometime..drink some beers or something just have a good time. By the way do you live in the dorms?
  10. I'm not sure how much we can talk about the Carp on the public forum here, but as far as the upstream limit it is the confluence of morgan creek and down that is open year round.
  11. Wow the up forum is blowing up! There were fish, then they got blasted back out into the big lake by 125 mph currents of 85 degree water. I am giving up on fishing until the sucker run then it's on!! I wouldn't mind meeting for drinks sometime, not this weekend, or next, out of town for a sucker run downstate.... see you around.
  12. After i posted about the carp i realized that it is not in the forum.:yikes: But thanks for the info Northern! I hear ya about the current Sam, have fun with them suckers.
  13. no worry red!!!. In da UP the steel run is sporadic as can be. Just make sure you report those in closed sections, as i continually have to do on another local stream. I think this is by far one of the earliest runs on record, as to little snow and warm weather.
  14. I usually use 2/5 ounce cleos. The action is slow most of the time, but those are the lures I am most comfortable with, and every once in awhile I get a fish on.
  15. Thats cool jerry thanks for the info. I hear ya ace about the steelhead run i have lived up here my whole left on the eastern end. What do you guys use for setups for steelhead? i just use spawn bags and some splitshot.

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