Caseville Walleye

Discussion in 'Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries' started by Termie33, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any walleye reports out of caseville lately. My Dad is taking some first timers out this coming monday and would really like to get them into some fish. Our home port is port austin, but the plan is to dock the boat for a few days in caseville and go from there. We have the ablity to make a run if need be.

    Thanks in advance for any help

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  2. I've heard some good reports coming from Wildfowl Bay, between Sand Pt. and North Island. Never fished this area but looking at the map, it gets pretty shallow around the point, so you may want to steer clear of the point and make a big loop into the WF Bay.

  3. Caseville is my home port... PPl have been hitting right out of Sand Pt like Silky said... 2oz. bouncers with crawler harnesses. If you look on the chart you will see a slit right by that bouy that is infront of Sand Pt... That is the spot were ppl are hitting...
  4. are people trolling or drifting that area?
  5. Due to this past Sunday's winds, we launched out of Bay Port and ran out to the slot just West of North Island. We picked up three walleye before the winds turned more out of the North. Then we got the heck out of there as the waves became 3-5 footers. Weather permitting, I would definitely hit the slot off of Sand Point like the guys have already suggested. Good luck.
  6. That is where I will be Saturday Morning!!
  7. I have heard both actually... Meet a few ppl that were casting with great luck... However, ppl trolling too...

    Casting body baits
    Trolling harnesses.
  8. trying the bay for the first time on Sunday, fish bb and harnesses here in lake St. Clair, 11 to 12 feet of water. What kind of water depth in the bay by Sand point should I start in. Any and all info greatly appreciated. Or will just resort to trial and error, would just like a starting point from so vets. thanks.
  9. Shoot for the 15 ft depths fish high and low
  10. Will do if I have any luck or not still good to go out, will report first SB trip when I get back.

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