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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by riverboy, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. Looking for some Carp river info. A old buddy of mine was talking about heading up there in a week or two. We havent fish the carp toghter in about 4 years. How is the salmon run going up there? Pinks or Kings? Doe the Carp River have a atlantic salmon run? Please PM me if you dont want to post info here.

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  2. Which Carp River? There are numerous ones in both the upper and lower penninsula. I have fly fished several this year.

  3. opps sorry about that should have been a little clearer. The Carp in the U.P. just a little north of the Mackinaw Bridge!
  4. I went to both Carp Rivers in the U.P. this year. The one you are referring to I had no luck (the ice was not out yet)! It looked like a beautiful river saw lots of deer as I snow shoed downstream from I75.

    The Carp river in Marquette was exceptional this year. 40 rainbows between my girlfriend and I in a 4 hour period. They have excellent salmon and steelhead runs. Not to mention the other half dozen rivers that are with in a 30 mile radius.

    Let me know how the Carp River in St. Ignace goes. I'm going to try to get there in the spring again.
  5. the Carp does not receive atlantic plantings anymore, but does get a king run and a limited pink run i think. it's a nice river to fish steelies in the spring if ya want to go we can next year.
  6. Yup,the Carp is the place for me buddy.Its not the biggest run of kings or pinks but there is not a lot of people either . I drive 10 hrs every year just to fish it ,last year I only caught a few but my week there was the best week of the year. Just the view is worth the trip for me.Try going straight past the casino on the two lane black top,past the over pass,past the bait shop,and down ......I think its the third dirt road on the left, nice place. Sorry I dont remember the number.I'll be up the first week of Oct. Im the big ole boy standing in the river grinning like a kid at Christmas. I stay in st ignace at the harbour light motel (red pickup truck Indiana plates )stop and say hi if the light is on ,Im not much of a drinker but I'll have a six pack on ice.
  7. Hey guys, I just got back from the Carp river on the 15th. We had real good sucess on Kings, and took a few pinks. The pinks were not real heavy yet, but there are plenty of kings to go around. I took most of my kings on large dual action rapala's and cleo's. Some were being taken on flyrod with yarnballs. Good luck and I hope this is the info you were looking for.
  8. Good job. I just back too. I hit the Chocolay and the Carp in Marquette. I was teaching two others how to fly fish so I didn't get much time at all to really work the river. We caught 6 rainbows in about 5 hours of river time. The conditions were rough. Rained every day, water was high and muddy.

    The grouse and woodcock were a little better. We went 12 for 42.

    It was a good time by all.

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