Cannon Remote Steering Unit

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  1. Hard to find!

    I have a Cannon Remote Sreering unit for sale. The unit is with the cable remote and is in like new condition. $425.. firm


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  2. I cannot believe you guys don't understand what kind of deal this is if you don't have auto pilot, and this works better than any auto pilot for trolling!!

    If you remember, the Cannon was and still is the state of art for remote steering for Eyes & Muskies.

    It was outlawed because of Cannon Libility issues.

    This unit will sell for $ 660.00 plus next year!!!

    Wake up guys !

    Auto Pilot costs about $ 1100 - 1400.00 and does not steer a boat like a Cannon!

    $425.00 firm - complete - like new. Don't call with a different offer!


  3. baitrunner,is this the type you connect to your steering wheel? or the one that mounts to the main steering? I had the helmsman by cannon a few years back.It went on my steering wheel.Tell me more.might be interested if its( not ) the helmsman style.Thanks...
  4. Hi Gary,

    You are exactly right, it is the Cannon Helmsmen unit which is installed to the steering wheel and acts as an auto pilot however, you steer your boat via a key pad type control unit from anywhere in the boat. This unit can be installed on any type of boat if it has a steering wheel. Very simple to install, a no brainer!

    It is great for all types off trolling situations regardless of wheather conditions, as it will turn a boat gradually or make a 180 degree turn right now, which is much more spontanious then any auto pilot unit.
    It is especially nice if you fish alone, as you can do it all without depending on your crew to help out!
    I hope this answers your questions and thanks for the come back.

  5. I'll give you $250.00 for the helmsman.....
  6. Hey Mike,

    $425 firm! Thats what I have in it.

  7. Thanks for the responce, too much for me though....

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