Can you leave a crossbow cocked?

Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by marty, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. if you hunt in the evening and plan to hunt in the morning could you leave your crossbow cocked??:confused: Not loaded just cocked with safety on:D

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  2. I uncock my Excals w/ rope cocker in seconds. Much safer that way. When I was shooting an Emax and Flemish Fast Flyte strings, [FFF]notorious for stretching until settled in, I used to leave it cocked over night [locked shop] w/ no ill effects, to help stretch the strings in.

  3. Iwould not leave it cocked for extended time as the limbs can only take so much. I carry one old bent up arrow in my quiver and shoot the arrow into the ground once I get back to my vehicle. I had to replace the limbs on my X bow this past summer as it had mini cracks in them up by the cams. I never saw them until one of the cables broke the cable was just worn out. So I wonder if the bow shop and their press did the damage to the limbs but I will never know and it shoots fine now. The Mfg sent new limbs to the shop for free I just paid labor for having it done.
  4. I don't think I'd leave it cocked.There is enough stress on the limbs with practicing and leaving it cocked for hours while hunting....JMO...
  5. I have hunted with a crossbow for over 10 years and i always leave my cross bow cocked during the weekend i hunt. i have had the same crossbow for the same period of time and have had no promblems.
  6. Marty,
    I would strongly suggest doing what the manufature suggests. TenPoint has no problem with you leaving them cocked all day. Barnett on the other hand, at least on their models a few years ago, says you should let them down after a few hours. Most companies are not going to suggest leaving it cocked for several days or overnight though.
  7. if you're asking in the legal sense of the question---answer is NO ! BUT WITH HAVING SAID THAT, one would need to know lots of other things:confused:---like are you at your hunting camp or are you driving or transporting it to another location, you need to be specific in your question marty. (WARREN AND COMPANY will give you a bonus coupon if you transport it cocked):lol:
  8. A crossbow is not legally loaded if an arrow is not on the rail. It can be cocked and driven around in a vehicle in a cocked not loaded way. I would think that if the law would give you problems the mfg would step up for you and fight such a ticket. If you have bullets in a clip that is in your pocket is your gun loaded?
  9. Before this gets all out of hand. Here's what I was thinking. I have a blind on my own property that I just wanted to leave my horton in overnight for the next days hunt. I've emailed horton but haven't heard back so I'll continue to haul it around.:D

    Somewhere I read that horton had a crossbow cocked for years now:yikes:

    Weekender we're in michigan and all bows have to be cased. My crossbow won't fit if it's loaded in mine;)
  10. It only takes a few seconds to let er down w/ a rope cocker, why go through the hassle and possible danger?
  11. i believe the rules state unstrung or in a case.
    that was exactly what i was elududing to in my statement lots of info needed. as far as leaving it cocked marty i wouldn't and heres why, my dad who just passed gave me his crossbow (horton legend ll) 4-5 yeras old now. i just had to replace the limbs due to stress cracks from all the stress the bow is under without being cocked. those limbs only have a 3 year warranty. although the $$ 88 bucks isn't much to pay for replacing them at the factory why expidite it ? they're are going to crack sometime, the wway i found out was the hand crank cocker keep pulling the bowstring just slightly to the right off center (which cast the arrow to the one side ).
  12. I still new to this but how in the world would I do that with my horton??

    The fellow that I got my crossbow from told me never to uncock a crossbow unless you have to:yikes: always unload by shooting it:dizzy:
  13. Here's a video on it. 3rd from bottom on left side. Pick your computer speed.
    2:58 into 4:05 time wise. On the Hortons I've used a rope cocker on, I had to put the hooks on string upside down to clear the safety lever.
  14. Dan, I know Excal says you can do it, but the safest way to unload ANY crossbow is to shoot it. For Bill to unload it on the video is no big deal, he does it all the time, but for guys that only do it a couple times a year, (in a state that is handicap only) you are asking for issues.
  15. I've never seen that before. Thanks for the site. Learn something new everyday;)

    Still don't know if I'd want to try it yet:yikes:

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