Buying semi load of firewood

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by notmuchtime, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. I've seen stacks of 8' (?) logs at peoples homes out in the country that I assume is for use to heat the home. Does anyone know how much it costs to purchase this quantity and size logs? Thanks

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  2. about 1,000 delivered. A few semi trailers(full of logs) are being advertised between Newaygo and Irons all on M-37. I also think there is still one on US 10 between Reed City and Baldwin and another on M-82 betrween Howard City and Newaygo. Is it a deal, that I dont really know...might be better off finding a used heavy duty trailer and cut your own wood...just a thought

  3. My uncle got a semi load from the state. Got it cheap, all logs where from clear cutting that they are doing somwhere in the middle of the state
  4. PM FISHMANMARK, I think he might have a line on a semi load for around $800.00
  5. the picture looks like over 10 cord of wood?
  6. 10 Cord= Approx 30 face cord.
  7. Ya I looked at the website and it states 10 cord of wood delivered.

    I realize it's regional and all... but a guy by my cottage advertises a cord of aged oak for $65 delivered.
  8. he is probably talking about a face cord though. . .a semi-load would be 30 of those. .around $27 per face cord. usually a face cord runs around $60 until it gets about winter time and people have wood they need to sell. . then the price goes down. .
  9. The last 20 cord load of oak I had delivered to Howell was $1900. My neighbor got one last year it was $2100.
    Truckload is 20 fed cords 40x8x8
  10. A semi load down here in Hillsdale County is $800.00 also.

    Captain Jay
  11. around 800 up here also. 80 bucks a cord min of 10 cord which is a full truck with out the pup.
  12. Do you guys think it is worth it? I mean, I cut split and stack between 12-15 full cord every winter it, it can vary a little. I burn 4 personally and sell the rest.

    I go every weekend. It is my favorite hobby and would be profitable if not for the beer. What makes it worth while to me is this wood is free for the getting within a short distance from home. If I had to buy the wood then cut and split it I am not so sure it would be worth it.

    Right now I just have time invested in my wood piles. If I had to throw another $1000.00 in for the wood in addition to my time I think I would just stick with natural gas and take up ice fishing or something.
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  13. Worth it? Whats the average monthly gas bill, couple hundred bucks? depending upon the winter 30 face cord would last me 3 years thats $333.33 a year, yeah i'd say worth it. Throw in the fact that i dont have to go out in the woods cut it load it on the trailer take it home unload the trailer then split and stack it makes it even more worth it.
  14. only issue is with most of these semi loads, they are 8 ft pieces, so you still have the cutting. . . splitting. . . and stacking effect. . pretty much only difference is delivery/loading. . it is still a lot cheaper, but for $20 for a state permit, and $20 for a federal permit, I can cut 10 full cords. . and get another federal after that for 5 more full cords. . Then have 15...

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