Building a Deer Blind Tower

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  1. Great looking blind. A ton of work involved there.

  2. Pete, how did you get the roof on that one. That is a long ways up there??

    I am looking at building one but the wood for a roof just seems to add way too much weight I am currently looking at a Metal Roof and Siding to cut down on over all weight to build one next spring and enclose a stand I have just being it is elevated with only 3 sides but looking to remove the sides and replace with Ag Metal Panels and try and lighten the load a bit. Seems the roof makes it a lot of time and work putting it together and like Pete's picture that is a long way up there to work on the roof that ladder pictured does not even get close to it...

    I am looking for info on metal roofing and siding... with pictures if any have blinds with these materials used

    Nice Blinds pictured though...

  3. [​IMG]
    The steel used on the roof was left over from a polebarn project. The sides on my blind are about 5'1" and 4'11'. Enough for the water to run off. I can't see any reason to build the blind any taller. You can't see anything when you stand up when the windows are waist high. You can pee from your knees and still be looking out your windows.
    The wooden outside windows will be hinged next summer. Plexiglass windows inside that flop down. 360 degree vision and shooting. The telephone poles mean that I will never need to worry about the wind.

    L & O
  4. [​IMG] Newaygo1: heres some pics
  5. [​IMG] Gettin down was a bitch. 23'6" to roof.
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  6. The best one I ever seen was in Texas. Guy had a pole barn contractor come in just to dig and set the poles. He used 4X6 posts 24 ft long and buried in cement 4 feet so that the top of the poles were 20 ft above the ground.

    He then ran his frame around the posts 6 ft down from the top of the posts AND made the 6ft of post part of the wall..........he had a peaked shingled roof which made it so a 7 ft person could stand up straight.:lol: Had hard board foam insulation for the walls and then over that he had regular cheap old dark wood grain paneling........he also ran insulation in the roof rafters......he then found some framed double pane windows that were 24 inches tall and 5 foot wide......each one slide sideways.......real neat as each one slide next to the other so it didn't have to tip in or out and not out past the corner of the blind....

    He had a light weight steel ladder built that ran up one of the posts into a trap door in the floor of the blind. Ladder ran up the wall in the blind far enough that you could walk up the ladder, flip open the trap door and then walk another 4 ft up the ladder and then step onto the floor and then close the trap door..............he had a 40 lb propane tank at the base and ran copper pipe up one post into the blind with a big buddy heater.......he had a battery operated CO2 and Smoke detector also......:lol: all that and rubber backed carpet on the floor.

    The blind/posts were 6ft.X 8ft. and with the 4X6s made part of the blind the thing was so secure and tight that he didn't even need any braces at withstood 78 mph winds from the leftovers of a hurricane and the only thing that was damaged was a few shingles blown off......:lol:

    He said he only spent $750 dollars for the entire thing, he's a guide so and he wanted his clients to be comfortable. He said he found the windows at a garage sale and he said it was far cheaper and faster and "easier" for him to hire a pole barn contractor to come in with heavy equipment to sink the posts......done in one day then 2 days later he started building.......said it took 2 guys 5 days to complete....

    I seen the pictures and it was beautiful. Even had an old bed from a metal bunk bed (ala army barracks) chained and hinged to one wall....stayed chained to the wall and when one of his clients wanted to take a nap he just unhooked the chain and dropped the cot down onto its legs...........sweet......

    Just the ladder and trap door were a thing of beauty......and the windows were just icing on the cake............hunt in shirt sleeves when it's 20 degrees outside.........:lol:
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  7. Here are some pictures of the stand my father and I built in the winter of '06. This picture is immediately after we raised the stand.
    The following pictures are after I enclosed the base of the stand to conceal our exit. The stand is 4x8, inside height on the high side is 6'6"...low side 6'. Exterior shutters flip up on string to act as additional rain/snow protection as well as shade. Board insulation on all interior walls and in the ceiling. Rubber stall mats on the floor with rubber backed carpet on top of that. The floor of the stand is 16' high. We built this stand in its entirety in a barn then transported it to the field and erected it on site. The 4x4s are sunk 2' and concreted in. Additional support is furnished by 1/4" cables on all 4 sides with turnbuckles and ground anchors.
    This picture shows the flip up plexi-glas windows with the simple hook to hold em up. It also shows the thin nylon string/rope that holds the shutters in place.
  8. Oh heck, ya only live once!


  9. Extremely Cool pictures , Thanks!!!

    I really like the CamoFlag, Flag'e Really its a great job.:p

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