Building a Deer Blind Tower

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  1. I am looking for Deer Box Blind Pictures and Ideas of What to build and what Not to add to an enclosed stand...

    If anybody has built deer blinds before and Has things they'd add to theirs please post....

    I have a steel frame which is 7' tall and 4x8, I can Weld a larger platform if needed to make it Wider than 4':confused:

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  2. I built an 8x8 platform shanty on 16 foot poles. The 8x8 is almost to big for one guy to cover all sides comfortably, but when I built mine I had the wife and kids in mind also as my wife hunts and my daughter will next year. And my son who is 6 can't be left out either. Another problem with the size is trying to heat something that big. If you plan to hunt alone 4 ft. is probably plenty big enough and would be easier to heat on those cold days on stand. Just some ideas, hope they help.

  3. Built mine on cedar poles to reduce rotting. Top was 4 by 8. Built a blind on top 4 by 6. that left me 2ft. to step onto and put down my gear before stepping into the blind. Put cross braces on it at 7 oclock/1 oclock postions to reduce tipping. also built a ladder that I screwed right into the stand to help reduce any unstability of the stand. I'm about 14ft. ft. high. Will look for some pics.
  4. I was going to ask this same question. We started an elevated blind in Oct but ran out of time to finish it. I'm looking for ideas like the OP as to what to put on top. Our platform is 5'x6' and elvated 14'. We would like to put a few of these on our property for some of the older hunters that can't get around as well.

  5. Here is a couple I built for my dad a few years back.

    This is a 6x6 with 14' 4x4's all wood framing.


    This is a 6x5 with 14' 4x4's with a porch. All stel studs for framing. This is the way to go. Alot lighter

    Both are just sitting on the ground and are very stout and stable.

  6. I went with a 5X5 and am very pleased with the size of it for me and one of my kids. Here are some screen dumps of the sketches I drew up.

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  7. This is exactly what I'm looking to Hear from Everyone, Thanks, keep em' coming....

    Should I go with 4x6 and a porch or should I Weld on an extra Foot and make it Wider? like 5x6??

    My frame now is 7' high and 4x8 long... :confused:
  8. If I were you I think I would go with a 4x6 blind with a 2 ft. deck. I wish I would have incorporated a larger base on mine to accomodate a deck for entering.
    What kind of steel framework do you have?
  9. I would go 4x6 if you plan to hunt alone, add a foot if not. The porch is also a good idea, if for nothing else to put your tank for a heater on. At the height that your stand is going to be a set of stairs is also a good idea. Mine is 13 feet to the floor and the stairs with a hand rail is great for easy access. I put 8 foot side walls on mine too so it's easy to load my muzzleloader inside. It's more of an area to heat but the extra head room let's you put shelves up to store items on. I also picked up a cheap prehung entry door that is full sized that makes entry easier.
  10. I have a Steel Frame from a Store, this is a strong TV rack frame, 10 times stronger than a Wood frame, I actually plan on pulling it from location to location with my 4wheeler, so I'm planning on having Wheels that can come on and off, or Up and down with steel pins.

    The Rack is 7' high and 4x8, It dosen't have a top... Yet, I plan on using treated 3/4" plywood set into the frame, where a steel mesh top used to be.
  11. [​IMG] 5x6 16 ft to floor
  12. Hope you didnt forget the 52" LCD and toilet in there

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