Buck Pole in Houghton Lake

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  1. Does anyone know of any buck pole in Houghton Lake area? Lenny's buck pole is closed since they went out of business due to Walmart's local business destruction.

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  2. Lenny`s closing had more to do with Lenny`s death than it did Walmart opening a store in Houghton Lake.

  3. Reminds me of the Tinks ace hardware buck pole in the 80's ...
    MAN that was a buck pole!!!!!!!:D

  4. "Lenny`s closing had more to do with Lenny`s death than it did Walmart opening a store in Houghton Lake."

    Hate when that happens....I'd say that's a safe bet!
  5. Lenny was my freind, he is missed.

    we dont have a gun shop, lennys is available if someone is looking for a business

    it was tucks not tinks hardware.

    we are getting a dunhams I dont know how good or bad that is.

    the nearest good buckpole is at skips in grayling.

  6. Dunhams is ok, not the best not the worst. They have really funny pricing on some stuff but sometimes it pays off to shop there.

    btw swampbuck, you must live up there? Know Scott and Brian Thomas from the Lagoon Resort?
  7. I am considering re-opening Lenny's old place, as I am retiring from the Army this year, I will do some gunsmithing as I am a Sniper for the US Army I have been building tactical rifles for quite sometime.

    My house I have owned for years is in Harrison, and I want to live in it for once..

    Though the name may change I will keep the buck pole named after Len as a memorial.

    again I am working on this I hope I can pull it off.
  8. Thank you for your service!
  9. Thank you, looking forward to going home in Harrison.
    looking a funding options for the shop Lenny had, my father is stopping by there Friday to get the number so I can call the family and start talks with them on purchase price.

    I have a few more months here before my retirement is complete so that gives me time to get things rolling
  10. That would be GREAT!.....All of the hunters I know here, including myself have been hoping that would happen some day.. Hopefully I will be doing buisiness with you in the future. We desperately need a real gun/archery (esp. crossbow) shop in the area.

    Last I knew his widow was offering a free 1 year lease with the purchase of the inventory.
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  11. bucksnbows

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    Where was Lenny's?
    It has been a long time since I have been to H.L. My grandma used to live on the south shore Muddy bay I believe on Flora street. Half my moms side of the family had homes or cabins there on that street. I sure do miss fishing that lake had a lot of good times there.

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  12. Yes I talked to them July last year they showed me the place, it looked promising, inventory, mostly (Bows are out dated) so that my be an issue but I have my lathe and gunsmith tools for the back room, I have been building tactical long range rifles, barreling cambering, glass bedding facing Perkerizing and building AR platforms for many years in my spare time in the Army so I hope , I have discussed putting a test range in the back for bows. But again I am working the details.

    The best part; I own a home with 40 Acres on Old 27, my wife stayed there when I was in Iraq,its across the street from my parents home, that's why I bought it, but I have never had the chance to live in it, that is what I want when i retire, live and hunt in my back yard.
  13. on the main r.d right side going into Houghton lake heading east

  14. fmsniper That would be Great!..I own a place half way between Lakecity and Houghton lake. I miss going to Tucks then Lennys Buck poles.My first one was back in 1977! I would be honered to be your first customer :)
  15. Thank you Sir
    let us hope it works out, I have a Friend I made here, he is considering helping me out, he owns a pawn and gun-shop here where I am Stationed

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