Bryant Garage Heater/Furnace

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  1. Bryant 80 or 100,000 btu hanging furnace/heater the label says 100,000 btu input and 80,000 btu output. This is a nice unit, I bought it to put in my garage but did not get around to it so it is just taking up room so I am selling it. Every thing looks to be in real good condition and it worked when I got it. My minimum bid is $180 but if I can get $200 $20 will go the site. It is for sale on Ebay but I will pull it if someone wants it from here.

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  2. is this set up as natural gas or propane? also is it ventless or vented? thanks

  3. I am not sure but think its propane, I don't think it is very hard to change the orrafice though. I do know it needs to be vented.
  4. that unit comes in nat gas and has to be converted to does need to be vented.that size depending on the age but it should be 6" vent wich you would want to use b-vent. becarful if you have to change it over to will need the gas valve spring,and orfices for the pilot and main burners.then the manifold press will have to be set to 7-10" w.c but check the data tag. that is a good deal if in good shape. any ? s let me know i will be happy to help.,anthony
  5. hey steveboss, Im interested, Ill pm you,

    michhunter, you ever do installations? just curious!
  6. i used to all the time,now to busy to .but i will help you anyway i can just let me know
  7. More info on it. Bryant Mod#342a100. It says NAT gas on the tag weather or not it still is I don't know.
  8. I called Bryant and they said it is a 1979 model year and they do not offer parts for this anymore so I can not change it over to propane. Too bad, I was hoping to get it for my garage.
  9. duckman you do not have to put braynt parts on it ,you can put a honeywell gas valve and pilot assy on it.the main orfices you can get at a propane dealer.just look at a flow chart.
  10. I called Adex heating and cooling and they checked and said..nope we can't convert it. You would think that a large heating repair place like them would know this. I guess they just didn't want the business?
  11. they just do not want to deal with it. I see that alot.they would sell you a new one though. before this world got sue happy you could have gotten done. maybe check your propane suppleir,they sometimes fall a little short on there service knowledge,but that is easy, basic conversion
  12. Sorry sold off EBAY.

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