Brush hogging this late

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Kevan, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. My hunting property is around 15 acres but it got quite overgrown this year as I have not cut the weeds down all year. There are quite a few apple trees though out the property and it is surrounded by woods but right now it is just too overgrown for me to walk in undetected, and I would also like to cut some lanes in.

    Do you guys think it is too late this year to do this? We still have some time but I don't want to spook the deer off.
  2. Sorry I forgot to say that it is mostly field with a few trees and a couple lanes of apple trees.

  3. It will not hurt a thing unless you use your tractor for hunting and the deer know it. I just finished up brush hogging a fire break around the outside of a couple of fields we plan on burning next spring. I was able to get within about 15 yards of a feeding doe before she picked up her head. A 42 hp diesel makes noise but she showed little concern that I was there. Deer do not associate farm equipment with danger.

    I should add that I am in an agricultural environment.
  4. I just opened up some of my trails and made some new cut-ins last weekend with a brush hog. I'm an amature to deer habitat, but if you think it would help the deer movement to where it benefits their bedding, eating, and drinking, then I think it would be a good thing. Just keep in mind what's good for a human isn't always the case for deer. :) On that note, I had an uncle who would chop down trees in the front of a 20 acre wood lot and deer would still pass through WHILE he was doing it. It's hard to hear in the woods, especially if it's overgrown like you said it is.

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