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  1. I have this 'friend' who shot a 10 point, 4 points on each side plus the brow tines... In the process one side got shot/broke off between the G2 and G3... So laying on the ground the deer has 5 points on one side and a brow tine and G2 on the other which makes it a 7 point. This friend gets really lucky and finds the rest of the antler that was shot off a few yards away.
    Two questions...
    1. how do you tag it, 10 point or 7 point?
    2. Can it be fixed? There is probably an inch or less of main beam missing.


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  2. This "freind" of yours has to stop taking head shots at bucks. Maybe he just has a bad case of buck fever;). Not for sure, but I think that you would tag him as a 7pt because thats all the points he had when you retrieved him. Yes, you can get it fixed.

  3. 1st off how in the world did he shoot off the horns? Buck shot ? Tag the deer as it lays.Not by the horns you have.As being fixed.No idea.
  4. :yeahthat:

    Your taxi can fix it no prob. I had a buddy who shot a state land nine point last year and in the process of tracking it it dropped one of it's horns. Then, the next day when they found it (coyotes found it first) the other half fell off also.
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  5. Any taxidermist can fix that.
  6. Had a buddy do the same thing, the buck was quartering away and the bullet went thru the rib cage and somehow hit the antler. He had a taxiderist use some type of epoxy and put the rack back together. You could see the repair if you really looked, but most people wouldn't have noticed.

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