Brest bay 12/1 still going strong

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  1. Got to meet fishin4eyes at the ramp after exchanging texts and pm's. Pleasure to meet you sir!

    Hit the bay for another day of chasing eyes. Started with reefs and tail dancers and couldn't buy a fish for over an hour. Finally marked good bait off Stoney in 23 and put six nice fish in the boat pretty quick including one right at 10 pounds. Then nothing for over an hour and half including no bait. Ran south and found bait and put 5 in the boat in about 15 minutes with 3 other pullbacks. Those fish came in 19 fow, jerks 50 and 70 back.

    Last fish for a two man ticket was a blast. The board shoots back and when I grabbed it, the line breaks and the board floats off. We kill the kicker, yank lines and chase it down after searching for it. I pick it up and see line. Fish and crank have to be gone. Nope! I remove the board and commence to hand line in a fat 5 pounder. If anyone heard some hooping and hollaring, that was me. Beautiful, fun day!

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  2. I'm going wednesday to try my luck. Have only done this late fall walleye one other time and it was probably 5 years ago.

  3. Sounds like a fun day. Nice job on the fish.

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  4. Nice report chief. Way to keep on the move and putting a nice class of fish in the boat.
  5. They are certainly on! We fished OH waters East of Brest & took a 3 man ticket & all were nice fish. Purple HJs 90 & 100 back off inlines worked best. Anywhere between 18 & 24 FOW. Great way to spend the 1st day of December:)
  6. Nice job chief, your'e supposed to leave those fish attached to the reel when handlining them though.:lol: Way to stay on the fish.
  7. Nice job!, that's the reason I stopped running #10 test mono, had that happen way too many time. The clips put weak spots in the line after time. Never had that happen yet on #17 test. #12 did the same as the #10.
  8. We were out and set lines by 8:30 am. Started in 15 FOW just southwest of SP. Ripsticks on one side husky jerks on the other. Game on started right away on the husky jerks. Before I could get the rip sticks changed over my partner had boated 5 plus a 40 inch musky. Got the 3 Ripsticks changed over and pulled 7 more. Had 5 on at one time and got all of them. Fished for fun for a while and caught and released 6 more. Was off the water by 11:30 am. Glass perch, glass minnow and glass purple perch. 25-38 foot leads. Speed 1.2 mph. All fish were in the 3-5 lbs range. Best eating ones.
  9. Chief, it was great meeting you as well. Thank you for sharing some fall trolling techniques. Your advice and suggestions have put me on fish this fall. We ended the day with 9, using glass perch, blue & silver DDHJ's. Started in 23' and ended in 19'.

    And yes we watched the Chief & Capt. Joe hand lining their last fish. We couldn't stop watching them. It looked like a Chinese fire drill for a minute or two. Once the fish was on board there was quite a bit of hooting and hollering going on. It was obvious to us you are two great friends enjoying a great day on the water. After all isn't that what it's all about ?
  10. Chief give me a call please(asap)
  11. Great job!!. Did you put in at SSP? Is there still a dock in the water there?
  12. Yes we launched at SSP, there is still one dock in. May hit it tomorrow!

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  13. Thanks all. It is hot. What a fishery we are blessed to have.

    I know. I still need to get into some REAL hand lining. Don't think I don't read your hand lining reports from the river and day dream. I say I'm going to learn every year and then don't. I'm envious of you guys cruising around on the river pulling wire. It looks fun and relaxing.

    I've been running 12 pound big game. I think I'm going to re-spool with 16 pound sunline. Have heard good things about it from a few guys who run it with good results. Same diameter as 10 pound xt.

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  14. how is the water depth going out of SSP?


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