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    Did you ever wonder why the hunter got a replica and BPS gets the original? well maybe you didn't........

    But I did....

    I recently I found out why what and where....

    BPS pays you x amount of $ for your head and then gives you an exact replica, well as exact as possible.

    One fella I shared camp with this past month who killed one of the biggest non-typicals ever was paid $250k for his head and got a replica to hang at home...not to mention all the endorsements since then..

    so now you know whether you wanted to or not...:)

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  2. Hhhmmmmm, do they accept 3 points?

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  3. Interesting! I wonder if they need a couple more? I have a couple 100" 8 points on the wall that I would be willing to give up, hell I would take 50k for the pair! :D

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  4. :lol::lol::lol:
  5. There is another collection of Bucks, forget what it is called.... Anyways i knew a owner of a bar in Ohio who sold his Buck to this collection and was given 100k+ and he said he gets free Easton Arrows, and boots from Rocky all he has to do is enter codes at time of purchase.
  6. Not sure what I would do if this situation ever presented itself (RIGHT!) Just think about it, with the value of antlers being stupid high right now the chances of the mount being stolen from your home/business etc is high. Why would you not reap some reward and still have the memories with a replica? Todays "fakes" as we all know are stellar in terms of realism. Yah it's not "your" deer but from a headache point of view, let someone else pay the big bucks to safeguard that trophy.

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