bounty on Coyotes?

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  1. I have a thought about our Coyote problem in Northern Michigan and the UP, as you know they take a huge % of the fawns along with small game. I purpose we add a $1.00 fee on all hunting license's for predator control. Then put a $50.00 bounty on Coyotes to be paid for with the extra $1.00 fund. This would help the Coyote over population along with helping the economy with extra hunters. I don't know how many license's are sold every year but it must be well over 1,000,000. That would be a lot of Coyotes, plus the State could sell them back to the fur dealers. What do you guy's think?

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  2. $ 50.00 a coyote:rolleyes:

  3. I agree about having a bounty but $50 is way too high. Even $10 would encourage folks to take them. Even better open coyote hunting and trapping to year around-no closed season. Yes, this means fur in poorer condition in the summer but it would keep the pressure on them.
  4. With fuel and all, the $50.00 is not too much. This would get lots of people hunting & traping them, the $1.00 add on would give the DNR over $1,000,000 to pay for them, this is 20 thousand Coyote's! And I know there would be more money in the fund than that because they sell almost that many Deer tags alone. In a couple years there numbers would be down and the fund would then have a surplus too be used in other area's. I dont see why it cant be done, a buck per tag is well worth it.
  5. :lol::lol::lol:Fund and Surplus,:lol::lol: in the same sentence:lol::lol::lol:
  6. Tell an ohio yote from a michigan yote? how about an indiana, or kentucky yote? I cant. and for 50 bucks a wack you can bet every knothead east of the mississippi will be headed to michigan. with a bag of mangy yotes.
  7. Yes, In theory I agree a bounty would work in controlling the yote problem. Here's the but, I agree with gilgetter how would you stop the people from other states, dumping their problems on us and taking our $.
  8. Are any of you old enough (I'm not that old), to remember when Michigan had a bounty on yotes.

    My memory aint so good, but I think it was $5 on males and $15 or $20 on females? :confused:
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  10. I though only michigan residents could hunt yotes in MI?

    From the DNR site:

    Residents possessing a valid small-game license may hunt coyote during the established season.

  11. Has there even been any sort of official determination that there are too many yotes? You need to budget in years of expensive studies and other BS before the state would ever even discuss a bounty on anything.

    I believe there used to be a bounty in MI on yotes, and there still is on things like crow and starling. It's something like $0.10 each (or less), and you have to take the heads to your county clerk for payment.
  12. Yup
    Walley-eye you are old.

    There was a fox bounty as well as yotes.

    The bountys did not work then and will not work now. One of our old longline bounty trappers from western Newaygo county bounty trapped $5.00 fox all over. He only killed the pups and adult males in the summer. The females were relesed to have another litter the next spring. Like a farmer he did not kill off his breeding stock as that wold have ended his income.
  13. i am old enough and do remember the bounties. $5 for a fox and 15 bucks for a male yote and 20 bucks for a female yote (i also collected on a couple of foxs and a yote). back then we didn't have the total mess we have now and anyone shooting one made the news around town.
  14. At least one of my darts hit the board. :lol:

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