Bobcat in Genesee County?

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by Flash, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. My wife said she seen on in Goodrich 2 years ago crossing the road infront of our house. I seen tracks around that seemed to me to be to big for a domistic cat but never thought it could be a bobcat.

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  2. I am a professional photographer with experience in photographing bobcats out in the western states. they are very hard to mistake. with that said, I was in Grand Blanc Twp in the summer of 2009 just west of Fenton road in a new subdivision and saw one in the grass sunning himself. they might come out at night, but they love to sun themselves in short fields, I have seen it many times. there frontal faces are hard to mistake for a house cat not to mention there size. I was surprised to see one in this area.

  3. 18 years ago I lived between Otisville and Otter Lake. We had one goat killed and another with claw marks on it's back and rib cage.WE made plaster casts of the tracks (looked like a cat to me round with no claws) and called the Dnr.They said it was "probably" a coyote or dog and paid us for the goat.The dead goat had it's throat ripped open and internal organs ate. I asked a neighbor that owned sheep if he was having any problems.His reply was "Nope I practice the three S's" He winked and explained the meaning of the three S's Shoot, shovel and shut-up.Never had or heard of problems around their since.
  4. I have heard of them in the Buell lake area for years.
  5. Wow! I have lived just south of Lindenan Baldwin since 68. Live in Fenton now, parents and grandparents still live in same spot, with property. Will need to keep my eyes open.
  6. I doubt someone would let a cat this expensive run loose. A buddy of mine was looking at them untill he seen a 10 grand price tag on one.
  7. I saw a bobcat dead on I75 at grand blanc road some years ago. Called and reported it to the DNR, and it was gone an hour later. More recently found bobcat tracks on the flint river north of montrose and I also regularly find bear tracks and droppings along the cass river towards frankenmuth.
  8. I seen a lynx while bow hunting in otisville area off m15 atleast that is what I was told it was. It was about 30lbs kinda yellowish in color short tail pointy ears I thought it was a bobcat because I had never seen one before. But my grandfather in law said he has seen lynx out there in millington where he lives and his description fit mine to a t...

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  9. That's cool I wonder if people have seen any bear in genesee county?

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  10. A guy my dad used to ride to work with said he saw one about 7-8 years ago near the flint river bridge on M-57 just east of Montrose. Ive also heard of bear sightings in Saginaw County-St. Charles, Chesaning, and Albee.
  11. My neighbor, an experienced hunter, told me he has seen a big bobcat in his back yard before. We live in Fenton, down from the nature preserve. Saw it one time. I have hunted and killed them, but further north. On my property up north, we have them, but they are very elusive. I see tracks all the time, but never see them in broad daylight. I got this guy 12 years ago

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  12. I got word from a very good source that a large adult bobcat was seen very near my treestand between Montrose, and Chesaning. He did capture it on video. I'm not sure how I feel about that. just when you think your at the top of the food chain lol this is a game changer for me, and will be keeping an eye out for it...whats the law on them?, do I shoot it?
  13. Gots. Them cougars , why not bobs
  14. lets see the vid!

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